Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 4

This post is another Storyboard for Bubble and Squeak:


The animation opens with Bubble and Squeak now been kept in the same environment since both species are known for living in very similar environment with the exceptions of snail been able to thrive a lot better in a damp or moist environment. The opening shot reveals that water is dripping from a nearby tap into their tank. Bubbles notices this in the next shot and looks up curiously at the dripping tap. Unlike Bubbles as shown in the next shot Squeaks is asleep and fails to notice the water even when it is splashing him. The next shot shows Bubbles is starting to enjoy the water that is dripping from the tap and that more water is beginning to splash onto Squeaks from Bubbles playing in the water. As this goes on Squeaks begins to notice the dampness of his bed while he is asleep, so he begins to try and readjust his position on his bed subconsciously, unfortunately squeaks then realises that he is wet and screams in annoyance. Bubbles feeling sorry for Squeaks calms his friends down and the two begin to formulate a plan to stop the dripping tap. The first attempt is Squeak trying to climb up the wall by himself, unfortunately this fails so the two come up with a pan of using each others natural abilities top scale the wall.


The two are successful and manage to scale the wall with Bubbles natural abilities and Squeaks manages to turn the valve of the tap and turn it off, the two then celebrate by high fiving each other. This narrative not only shows off the characters natural abilities but it also display their unique but lovable personalities as well. The narrative is also very basic but not to basic that it is boring. I will of course tweak this storyboard a few more time to correct any mistake such as that it need more frames in the scenes but apart from that an official storyboard final should be posted up soon, after the alterations are posted.

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