Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 3

This post is another storyboard for Bubble and Squeak:


This shot opens to reveal Bubble and Squeak attempting to to climb up to their food, that is kept on the shelf above. They are climbing by using Bubbles ability to cling onto any surface unless it’s salt.


The two reach the food on the top shelf and begin to try to push the food over.


The Bag of food begins to move.


Once the bag is pushed over the food begins to fall out of the bag.


The two begin to climb onto the food bag.


The two climb over the food bag.img_20161129_0076

Once they reach the other side and climb down before beginning to eat the food that spilled over.


This storyboard was a success while the story was fairly basic I managed to tell it effectively as well as displaying the abilities of Bubble and Squeak as well. The target audience also felt that the storyboard was able to understand the narrative that was displayed to them really well and enjoyed how I brought not only the abilities of the characters but also their nature into the animation and utilised them to make it more fun.


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