Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 2

This post is another Storyboard Idea for Bubble and Squeak sketched out of pen:


The animation opens with Bubbles noticing Squeaks is missing causing him at first he believes Squeaks is playing a prank but then realises that he isn’t so he starts looking for him since he cannot see him in his cage.


Bubbles starts to look around for Squeaks looking under his log first.


Then at his food bowl.


Then in his bed.


Eventually Bubbles can’t find anything in his tank and begins to leave it by his natural abilities of clinging to any surface to escape.

This storyboard was another attempt at finding a suitable narrative for my Bubble and Squeak, while it is based on one of my earlier narrative experiments, it is slightly different from it. For example the narrative has a lot more hiding places than it did in the original narrative. The only down fall with this is that the target audience felt that this was a bit unrealistic for a pet snail and mouse, with Squeak going missing and Bubble looking for hims, so unfortunately I have had to terminate this as a potential narrative for my project since the target audience not only found this narrative not very realistic but also boring. So I will have to go back to the proverbial drawing board and work out what to do next with this project and see if I can choose an appropriate narrative the not only please the target audience but makes also sense i.e. look more into the natural abilities of the creatures that are Bubble and Squeak.

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