Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Sketches

This post is random sketches of Bubble and Squeak done in pen:


These sketches focuses on Bubble and Squeak interacting with each other. The first sketch was simple focus on how they would eat together, So I took in to account that the main food for mice and other rodent based pets and remembered that in most pet shops the common food given to all the pets with the exceptions of Fish, Insects and Reptiles are given food pelts. So I created a sketch with the two characters talking over a meal that both of them could enjoy. While the sketch isn’t best my aim with it was a success due to the fact that I am able to  successfully present one of the scenarios that I wanted to display. The next sketch is of Bubble watching Squeak playing on his wheel, again the sketch of both the characters isn’t the best and is very rough but the idea of how the characters interact with each other.


This next image has two more experimental sketches involving Bubble and Squeak, the first been an okay sketch of Bubble and Squeak conversing while Squeak is having a drink. This scene was used to highlight how the two characters not only interact with each other but also how they spend their time together. The next sketch was a simulation of Bubble and Squeak in their natural environment while involved with one of their adventures.

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