Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Women of Hull: Storyboard 2

This Post is another Storyboard Idea for my WOW Project, this storyboard is very similar to the previous one but there are still notable changes to it that do indeed the show the difference between the two:


The opening shot is of Amy Johnson at the controls of a vehicle of some sorts, most likely a plane. The Shot Begins to zoom out slowly, revealing more of what she is currently doing.


The shot continues to zoom out revealing that the vehicle that Amy Johnson is operating is indeed a plane and it is flying throwing the skies, which is is indicated by the clouds that are moving my the plane and the spinning propeller.


As you can see the first sequence for Amy Johnson is very similar to the original sequence that I created in the original storyboard, the only visible difference between the two is that the second version is the plane is a lot closer to the camera by the time that the shot has finished zooming out. This was done so that the plane was still clear and noticeable for the audience to see when it flew off screen and to also help make it seem like it is actually fly with the clouds that were add for this very effect. The only down fall with this version is again the human and while my human anatomy is improving I might need to look into doing something else to represent Amy Johnson, since I don’t think that my clients would be too impressed with how childish and inhuman my versions of Amy Johnson looks like. I might have to focus more on things that were associated with her more than herself, for example maybe her plane flying or her Goggles. If I decide to go this way it might be a lot more effective at not only getting the target audience but also put a bit of fun into the


The Shot reveals Winifred Holtby writing in her study, the shot begins to receed, while Holtby continues to write on of her works.


The Shot continues to zoom out slowly with Holtby still writing.


As you can see there are a few changes to this scenes, straight away you can see that I have focused on Holtby not the environment around her, so there is no window or house to obscure the view of the character making it a lot easier to see her than before and helps the audience identify her better. Again the downfall with this sequence is that I can’t do human anatomy very well, as I stated in the other sequence, this can also be seen with how I have drawn Holtby. So like the previous sequence I think I am going to have to use an item or something related to her to symbolise her in this segment of the animation, maybe something like a writing quill or one of her books like South Riding.


The shot reveals the next woman of this project Big Lil and then begins to zoom back.


The next shot continues to zoom out, with Big lil still talking to her audience.


The scene needs to go through several changes such as again a symbol not big lil, maybe a radio.


This sequence is works quite well and I think that it might be the key for Madam Clapham but in case it doesn’t work I will need to come up with a back up plan in case some thing pops up, a symbol that I could use is a pair of scissors or a thimble. The reason for this is again is that my human anatomy is awful and while I am working on it it might be improve it might not be the best representation for the Women of the World to be shown publicly.


The next three images above are of one of Hull’s most famous charity collectors Jean Bishop, I believe and according to the target audience that while this scene did indeed show Jean really well the way she was portrayed made her look more like a wasp unfortunately even if she does look more human than my other anatomy work this sequence still needs a lot of work maybe I should zoom in on the money collector with the money been deposited.


This next scene was to focus on the famous Hull Poet Stevie Smith. Straight away I can say that this scene was a failure like the previous version of Stevie Smith because it’s didn’t reveal much about her again. So I will need to think of something much better than this to represent her as well as one that is recognisable by the target audience, maybe something like based on one of her poems, one of her more famous ones so that people could actually recognise her easily.


The next scene in the three images above are about Maureen Lipman a famous actress unfortunately this scene doesn’t display her veryu well this is ill suited for the Women of the world project, so I will need to rethink this for my next storyboard attempt.



This story board as well as several others were hand drawn using a standard drawing pad and a pen.

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