Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Women of Hull: Storyboard 1

This Post is for summarising my general idea for Client Project for WOW Project:


The purpose of this post was to display the general story line idea for my client project, please not that most of these ideas will evolve and change either due to the fact that these ideas are still in their early stage or are just concept at the time. Okay so the image above are short narrative shots that focus on three women that were either born or educated in Hull. The first three frames portray a young woman flying her plane across an distinguishable area before the shot zooms out. This character is of course Amy Johnson the woman who came from Hull as shown in my research and has broken several flying related speed records as well as been one of the first women to fly to Australia from England. I chose to do Amy Johnson first as she is one of more well known women from Hull and that her story is one of the most inspiring ones, meaning just by seeing her plane people will be able to tell it is her. The shot zooms out to not only give the audience more time to register who the woman is and what she is doing. The next three scenes are of a woman writing a book before zooming out. This character is Winifred Holtby one of England’s best authors from the 1900’s. Who wrote  several books before her death such as South Riding and The land of Green Ginger. Again the short zooms out to give the audience more time to recognise the woman that is been shown. I will admit that this scene isn’t the best because it doesn’t give away much on the woman I am doing this scene on so this could be consider a failure. The next scene above is of Lillian Billocca or Big Lil as she is more well known as, I chose her for this project because she is the one responsible for essentially getting the radio installed into the modern day boat after the trawler incident in Hull years ago after dozens of public protest.


The next sequence of images is for one of Hull’s most famous fashion designers who is said to have been able to compete with famous fashion cities such as Paris. The shot reveals Emily Clapham working on a dress. The next three frames show a woman collecting money from varies people for charity and imminently  people will recognise her due to the action within this scene and reveals that she is Jean Bishop, the bee lady and a recognisable charity worker across the UK. The Final scenes made up from the frames on this image show a woman writing something on a piece of paper, this scene isn’t my best because both myself and my target audience found it hard to identify who the woman is , so I will need to work on this sequence or no one will be able to identify that the woman is Stevie Smith Famous Poet of Hull, maybe I should do a symbol that represents one of her works.


The last two sequences are my worst works for several reasons the first been that they don’t really reveal that the last two woman are in fact the Hull Actor Maureen Lipman and Hull Comedian Debra Stephenson, so I will need to look further into the two characters history to find two identifiable symbols for them. Also this project seems to feel a bit short, so I will need to find two more famous women involved with Hull, I am thinking two famous musicians Norma Waterson and Tracey Thorn to add a bit more context to my project as well.

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