Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Storyboard 5

This post is another storyboard for my Wow Project:


The first two frames are aimed at Amy Johnson, with this scene I tried one of my less used logos to see if it would make a difference. Unfortunately the scarf that I drew for this early storyboard was not able to make the audience recognise Amy Johnson but it looks just appealing. Due to this I will not be using a Pilot scarf again to represent Amy Johnson. The next two frames in this image was supposed to show a quill which represented Winifred Holtby writing, but the target audience as well as myself hard to identify this with Winifred. The next two frame is off a fishing net pulling various species of fish out of the ocean, while this does connect to both Lillian Billoca and the fishing industry it doesn’t really show why she is connected to it. The sewing needle frames are the worst in this storyboard personally as you can’t really make out what this scene is implying, so i might need to use a different symbol or logo instead.


The Jean Bishop concept has been changed to a bee flying across the screen, I though that this was easier to understand and for the target audience to grab the concept of this animation been linked to Jean Bishop. The next frames while I know who they represent Stevie Smith, Maureen Lipman, Debra Stephenson, Norma Waterson and Tracey thorn, I do not know what I was thinking with these frames, even I find it hard to actually connect them to their designated women, so I will need to do a new storyboard.

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