Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Storyboard 3

This Post is storyboard Idea for my Client Project for WOW! done in Pen:


Taking the Prototype designs that I have created I have put together a storyboard to show the these designs in use for the animation. The first three frames are to show a plane flying across the sky with the camera eventually backing out to represent Amy Johnson and her legacy as a pilot. Most people when shown this do recognise it as a pilot and do recognise the pilot as Amy Johnson. The next three frames are of a book that starts to open before flying of into the distance, the good thing is that most people new that this was a famous female author from Hull but failed to figure who said author was, so next I might have to put a book title on the book that Winifred Holtby is associated with. The Next three frames are off a fishing trawler which successfully seen is linked to the trawler incident and Lillian Billoca.


The first three frames in this image are a thumb tack and a sewing needle having a loose bit of thread pushed through. While some people recognized this as a connection to Emily Clapham, not many did so I will have to go back to the drawing board with this logo design. The next three Frames are from my Jean Bishop design with people dropping money into the donation cup and this design was recognized to have some form of connection to Jean but my Tutor Janis said I should go back to the drawing board with this design.


The next three frames were the worst to be recognized with a modern phone been rung, the reason for the failure was that I didn’t take into account that the design had a link to Maureen Lipman but at the same time due to me using a modern design it didn’t since she is only associated with old fashion phone because of her advert Ology for BT. The next three frames were a failure with a microphone showing a screwball when it was actually supposed to represent the stand up comedian Debra Stephenson. The final three frames in this image was a cowboy hat and music notes appearing around it randomly in an attempt to show Norma Waterson who was involved with Country music I will need to go back to the drawing board with this design.


The last three frames before the end frame failed to be recognized as a connection Tracey Thorn since the choker hardly had a connection to her so this part of the animation is failure due to the audience not been able to link this to her.

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