Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Design Ideas 2

This post consists of more design Ideas for my Wow Project:


These two images of sketches is the designing and developing of propellers for Amy Johnson animation in my Famous Women of Hull Project using the images of Amy Johnson’s Plane:


The Image belongs to Daily Express:

Using the image of her plane I have managed to base my designs on her plane’s propeller. Hence why the design is a two bladed propeller, I chose this so that the target audience could effectively link this with Amy Johnson. While there is a wide range of designs for the propellers from curved blades to straight ones and extra bolts, most of them are based on her original planes blades hence why they are curved.


These two image above are sketches of me experimenting with Debra Stephenson’s animation idea, I thought to myself since she is a stand up comedian, why not have an animation showing her moving around the stage while performing an act to the audience. Unfortunately I am not the best at drawing human anatomy yet and drawing Debra would also give her away too early, so I came up with a compromise were on stage for the animation the audience can only see a pair of feet and a mike moving around the stage. This actually works quite well when I drew up the ideas, so I have decided to go with this idea for the project.


These nest two images are an idea I had for Lillian Billoca as a means to high light not only the Trawler Incident in 1986 but also the protest that Lillian was actual involved. Most of these designs are rather bland since they a just square boards held up by two pieces of wood and not many of them show the connection between Lillian Billoca and the Trawler Incident. So I think the best way to go on from here is too just use the trawler that I originally came up with fishing or something on the lines of that to show this connection in a stronger manner than these other idea since Lillian has always been involved with the fishing industry.


These idea were for both Tracey Thorn and Norma Waterson. The cake and sweet ideas are based on Norma’s song sweet face but when I drew the idea they don’t really show that represents Norma.

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