Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Design Ideas 2

This post consists of more design Ideas for my Wow Project:


These two images of sketches is the designing and developing of propellers for Amy Johnson animation in my Famous Women of Hull Project using the images of Amy Johnson’s Plane:


The Image belongs to Daily Express:

Using the image of her plane I have managed to base my designs on her plane’s propeller. Hence why the design is a two bladed propeller, I chose this so that the target audience could effectively link this with Amy Johnson. While there is a wide range of designs for the propellers from curved blades to straight ones and extra bolts, most of them are based on her original planes blades hence why they are curved.


These two image above are sketches of me experimenting with Debra Stephenson’s animation idea, I thought to myself since she is a stand up comedian, why not have an animation showing her moving around the stage while performing an act to the audience. Unfortunately I am not the best at drawing human anatomy yet and drawing Debra would also give her away too early, so I came up with a compromise were on stage for the animation the audience can only see a pair of feet and a mike moving around the stage. This actually works quite well when I drew up the ideas, so I have decided to go with this idea for the project.


These nest two images are an idea I had for Lillian Billoca as a means to high light not only the Trawler Incident in 1986 but also the protest that Lillian was actual involved. Most of these designs are rather bland since they a just square boards held up by two pieces of wood and not many of them show the connection between Lillian Billoca and the Trawler Incident. So I think the best way to go on from here is too just use the trawler that I originally came up with fishing or something on the lines of that to show this connection in a stronger manner than these other idea since Lillian has always been involved with the fishing industry.


These idea were for both Tracey Thorn and Norma Waterson. The cake and sweet ideas are based on Norma’s song sweet face but when I drew the idea they don’t really show that represents Norma.

Independent Practice: Random Sketches 3

Another Random Sketch Post:


A Life Drawing of my Tutor Janis. The purpose of this exercise was to not only improve our drawings kills especially with human anatomy but also to provide us with material to put on our blog. While I can see a wide range of improvement with my human anatomy I still have a long way to go, this can be seen with the face structure if my tutor Janis. The sketch of her face structure is too circular and it is very hard to make out her neck in this image. I also need to work on hands since my hand work in this sketch is not the best, I can’t get the proportioning correct or my shape with the hands but it still gives a general idea of her hand been hands. The background of this sketch isn’t the best either my perspective is ever so slightly out of sync. The rest of the work is fairy decent and development from my earlier work can be seen.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Storyboard 5

This post is another storyboard for my Wow Project:


The first two frames are aimed at Amy Johnson, with this scene I tried one of my less used logos to see if it would make a difference. Unfortunately the scarf that I drew for this early storyboard was not able to make the audience recognise Amy Johnson but it looks just appealing. Due to this I will not be using a Pilot scarf again to represent Amy Johnson. The next two frames in this image was supposed to show a quill which represented Winifred Holtby writing, but the target audience as well as myself hard to identify this with Winifred. The next two frame is off a fishing net pulling various species of fish out of the ocean, while this does connect to both Lillian Billoca and the fishing industry it doesn’t really show why she is connected to it. The sewing needle frames are the worst in this storyboard personally as you can’t really make out what this scene is implying, so i might need to use a different symbol or logo instead.


The Jean Bishop concept has been changed to a bee flying across the screen, I though that this was easier to understand and for the target audience to grab the concept of this animation been linked to Jean Bishop. The next frames while I know who they represent Stevie Smith, Maureen Lipman, Debra Stephenson, Norma Waterson and Tracey thorn, I do not know what I was thinking with these frames, even I find it hard to actually connect them to their designated women, so I will need to do a new storyboard.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Storyboard 3

This Post is storyboard Idea for my Client Project for WOW! done in Pen:


Taking the Prototype designs that I have created I have put together a storyboard to show the these designs in use for the animation. The first three frames are to show a plane flying across the sky with the camera eventually backing out to represent Amy Johnson and her legacy as a pilot. Most people when shown this do recognise it as a pilot and do recognise the pilot as Amy Johnson. The next three frames are of a book that starts to open before flying of into the distance, the good thing is that most people new that this was a famous female author from Hull but failed to figure who said author was, so next I might have to put a book title on the book that Winifred Holtby is associated with. The Next three frames are off a fishing trawler which successfully seen is linked to the trawler incident and Lillian Billoca.


The first three frames in this image are a thumb tack and a sewing needle having a loose bit of thread pushed through. While some people recognized this as a connection to Emily Clapham, not many did so I will have to go back to the drawing board with this logo design. The next three Frames are from my Jean Bishop design with people dropping money into the donation cup and this design was recognized to have some form of connection to Jean but my Tutor Janis said I should go back to the drawing board with this design.


The next three frames were the worst to be recognized with a modern phone been rung, the reason for the failure was that I didn’t take into account that the design had a link to Maureen Lipman but at the same time due to me using a modern design it didn’t since she is only associated with old fashion phone because of her advert Ology for BT. The next three frames were a failure with a microphone showing a screwball when it was actually supposed to represent the stand up comedian Debra Stephenson. The final three frames in this image was a cowboy hat and music notes appearing around it randomly in an attempt to show Norma Waterson who was involved with Country music I will need to go back to the drawing board with this design.


The last three frames before the end frame failed to be recognized as a connection Tracey Thorn since the choker hardly had a connection to her so this part of the animation is failure due to the audience not been able to link this to her.

Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW! Design Ideas 1

This Post is for the WOW! Project Design Ideas done in pen:


This image contains prototype sketch ideas for animations that can be used for each women in my women of the World Project. The plane sketch is a symbol that I specifically design for Amy Johnson since she is one of the world’s most famous female pilots. I looked a few images of Amy Johnson’s plane to complete to base this sketch on as shown below:

Image result for Amy Johnson's plane

This Image belongs to Daily Mail.

The next idea for Amy Johnson focused on a key component on her plane the propeller, the idea behind this is that the animation for Amy Johnson would show the propeller start to spin and eventually reach the acquired speed to fly. The Phone sketches were an idea that connects to Maureen Lipman an actress who has a strong connection to BT the phone and internet service provider. My first phone Idea wan’t the best as it was based on the more modern phones that people keep at home and people may not be able to connect with Maureen and the original advert if I use a modern film. The second Phone sketch in the image above focused more on a traditional phone design from the era but only the actual hand piece while this does work it don’t give an accurate idea for Maureen so I will need to go back to the drawing board with the idea. The sketches of the quill and ink and the book were the symbol idea that I had for Winfred Holtby to show that she is a writer but I felt that the quill wasn’t the best idea since it didn’t really connect with the era that I had chosen for this project. The book had the strongest link since she had written several over her life time but I couldn’t think of a way to animate in a way that would connect with Winifred Holtby but my Tutor Gareth suggested that I should think of a way that isn’t so literal but should still connect to the women this animated piece is connected to, the solution that I cam up with was to make the book start to fly of in the distance to represent Holtby’s vast imagination. The sketch of the sewing needle and thread is one of my early concept for  Emily Clapham as is the dress dummy sketch as well since she is most famous for her dress work that was said to compete in the fashion industry.


This next image of sketches focused more Lillian Billoca, who was one of Hull’s most famous women because who helped introduced radio’s to most modern day ships after the trawler incident of the coast. My first sketch was based on a old fishing trawler that was commonly used during in 1968. This design linked very strongly to the Lillian Billoca not just because she introduced radios but also because her family has always been involved with the fishing industry. This is also why I drew a fish and a very basic fishing boat, unfortunately these two designs aren’t very well thought out and don’t really have a strong connection to Lillian Billoca. The skull designs were based and supposed to link to Stevie Smith’s poems which were often associated with dark themes such as death. These are the worst designs that I could come up with for this women, so I went back to the drawing board. My Tutor Janis suggested expanding my list of Famous Women from Hull to be more precise to look into Women from the music industry. Which led me to finding about Women such as Norma Waterson and Tracey Thorn. The guitar was based on Norma Waterson a folk and country music musician.


This image of sketches was focused more on Tracey Thorn and Norma Waterson more than any of the other women even though there are sketches for trawlers and sewing equipment. The Hat was an idea based on Norma since she was a Folk and country musician and I thought that at the time this might offer a strong connect that the target audience might have been able to recognise and see who it was linked to easily and effectively, unfortunately this is not the case, most people do not recognize her via this symbol. The choker was an attempt to link with Tracey thorn unfortunately while she is a gothic based singer not many people recognised her via this symbol so it might not be the best idea to use this symbol for my client project.


More Stevie Smith and Lillian Billoca ideas:


The entire page focuses on Jean Bishop or as she is more commonly known in the news the Bee Lady. My first idea on this page of sketches is based on her actual Bee Lady Costume:

Image result for Jean Bishop

Image belongs to Hull Daily Mail

I have taken the standard Money donation cup and essentially put it into it’s own version of the Bee Costume with wings included, I originally thought the idea would be quite cool and many people thought the idea was unique and managed to see that it was connected to Jean Bishop. The next design was based on her personalised Phone box that she is also famous for and many people see a connection to this design but some have said it is a bit too obvious and I need to find another way around this design.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 5

This another post with a Bubble and Squeak Storyboard:


The opening of this storyboard is slightly different form the previous one for example instead of having the tap leak dripping on either Bubble and squeaks, I had the water drip into the water in their food bowl, so instead of having of having Squeak been asleep and eventually loosing his cool, I thought not only a nice change of pace of the two characters investigating the cause of the water dripping first and it also helps draw in the target audience since it makes the dropping water quite the mystery.


The rest of the storyboard continues like the previous one, with the exception of Squeak loosing his temper a lot later on in the animation/narrative and that I experimented with the Camera angles to see if I could not only keep the story flowing but also show the target audience what it is like from the perspective of the characters and what it is actually like for them living in this sort of place.  The story according to the target audience is humour and easy to follow for them the only down fall with them is the first angles for the tap are unnecessary due to the fact that we don#t need to see the water dripping from it at that angle but apart from that everything else was good.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Storyboard 4

This post is another Storyboard for Bubble and Squeak:


The animation opens with Bubble and Squeak now been kept in the same environment since both species are known for living in very similar environment with the exceptions of snail been able to thrive a lot better in a damp or moist environment. The opening shot reveals that water is dripping from a nearby tap into their tank. Bubbles notices this in the next shot and looks up curiously at the dripping tap. Unlike Bubbles as shown in the next shot Squeaks is asleep and fails to notice the water even when it is splashing him. The next shot shows Bubbles is starting to enjoy the water that is dripping from the tap and that more water is beginning to splash onto Squeaks from Bubbles playing in the water. As this goes on Squeaks begins to notice the dampness of his bed while he is asleep, so he begins to try and readjust his position on his bed subconsciously, unfortunately squeaks then realises that he is wet and screams in annoyance. Bubbles feeling sorry for Squeaks calms his friends down and the two begin to formulate a plan to stop the dripping tap. The first attempt is Squeak trying to climb up the wall by himself, unfortunately this fails so the two come up with a pan of using each others natural abilities top scale the wall.


The two are successful and manage to scale the wall with Bubbles natural abilities and Squeaks manages to turn the valve of the tap and turn it off, the two then celebrate by high fiving each other. This narrative not only shows off the characters natural abilities but it also display their unique but lovable personalities as well. The narrative is also very basic but not to basic that it is boring. I will of course tweak this storyboard a few more time to correct any mistake such as that it need more frames in the scenes but apart from that an official storyboard final should be posted up soon, after the alterations are posted.

Independent Practice: Random Sketches 2

This post is of some more random sketches:


This next post is another random sketch that I have done during my free time, this time I chose to sketch out an are in my college in perspective using my ruler and pencil. I think that while I had a lot of trouble with getting the right perspective at first but once I did the rest came together really well, as you can see.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Sketches 2

This post is some more random Bubble and Squeak sketches:


I thought to myself to get a better understanding of my character why not draw them in various scenarios that not only help me but also my target audience to get the characters better. For example while the drawing on the top right in the image above isn’t the best it still shows that these two characters do in fact enjoy spending time together and often talk to each other about quite a bit. Most of the drawings reveal that these two characters actually get up to quite a bit from spending time at each other environments from Squeaks den to Bubbles log.