Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Narrative Synopsis

This post is to show the chosen synopsis for my remake of Bubble and Squeak:

The episode stars by showing both Bubble and Squeak sat in the same tank eating their food together, but a tap that is above the tank is leaking causing water to drip into the tank and soak both Bubbles (Who naturally is a snail and enjoys moist and wet environments) and Squeak and his bed (much to squeaks annoyance). So seeing that Squeaks is getting increasingly more annoyed at not only him getting wet but his bed as well, the two team up by using Bubbles ability to scale walls of the tank and sink. Once the two reach their destination, Squeaks uses his hands to rotate the tap, shutting of the water and allowing the two to enjoy the rest of their day with out any more problems.


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