Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Narrative Ideas Final Ideas 2

Here is my second narrative idea for my Bubble and Squeak Project:

The episode starts like usual but this time we see Bubbles sleeping while been stuck to the wall of the tank and Squeaks is running on his wheel for a bit before stopping to wake up Bubbles. The two then began to talk for a while and then go ever to the water feeder, only to find it jammed so the two start to try to figure a way to remove the block. First Bubbles tries to use his eyes to pull out the block only to fall much to his disappointment, so Squeaks takes over and in his attempt tries to use his teeth to naw away at the block only to fail himself. Bubbles tries again this time trying to use his own ability to stick to any surface to grab hold of the object in an attempt to pry it loose, this plan also fails and try their final plan which is Squeak scratching at object but in sted of prying it loose he wears it away with his constant scratching and they two are able to drink water again.