Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Women of the World or WOW!

The client Project that I have decided to do is the Women of the World event at the Hull city of Culture this March.

The idea that I had is that I do a short animation to show all the famous women that originate from Hull ether from birth or have been educated in Hull i.e at Hull University. The diversity of the fame can vary from a simple speech to an actress or charity work. The animation will be at least thirty seconds long and each famous women from Hull that I have chosen will feature for at least five seconds on the animation, to allow them to essentially display themselves and their actions to the audience to make them more recognizable to them.

List of Women from Hull:

Amy Johnson – One of the first Female Pilots

Winifred Holtby – Writer

Lillian “Big Lil”Billocca – Speaker

Emily Clapham – Dress Maker/Fashion Designer

Jean Bishop – Bumblebee Lady/Charity Worker

Stevie Smith – Poet

Maureen Lipman – Actress/BT Advertiser

Debra Stephenson – Comedian

Norma Waterson – Musician

Tracey Thorn – Punk Musician/Musician/Writer