Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubbles Character Rethink, Crab vs Snail

I have chosen several different possible animals but it comes down to only two. The two are the Crab and the snail, the reasons for this vary and will be explained in much more depth later on.


The crab can do several things that the snail is physically incapable of doing such as picking up objects and moving around at a decent speed. A crab is an interesting animal, while it does in deed produce bubbles from it’s mouth, quite the amount actually but it isn’t really the sort of animal that you would find in a pet shop unless you look in quite exotic ones at best. Unfortunately I don’t think the crab will make a suitable pet for this project for several reasons, the first been that I have trouble draw human anatomy, so my drawing of Crab or any crustacean anatomy may end badly for both parties. The second issue is that the actual claws of the crab, will cause problems around not only the narratives that I am developing but also the physics if the crab actual held something in it’s hand may end badly e.g. injuring another animals limb (The crab could accidentally end up injuring the other animals in the pet shop) or breaking something within the pet shop.


Although it might not be the most common pet to find and it might be a bit tricky to work with the name of bubbles due to the fact that snails don’t really produce many bubble except the purple snail which is one of the animals that I looked into. But aside from that I actually could make this animal work for this project, since he interacts with the environment in a completely different way than the different animals that are kept in the pet shop. For example since a snail can cling to almost any surface due to the snail that it produces, it would make the interactions of this animal with Squeaks an interesting experience, such as Squeaks using him to reach places that he would never actual reach without some form of assistance.

While both are interesting concepts for the replacement of Bubbles, only one is probably the best option and that it the snail and this is due to several reason such as my ability to draw it compared to the crab, as well as the snails interactions allowing interesting events to play out.

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