Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Narrative Ideas Development 3

Here is the last post for narrative ideas of Bubble and Squeak:

The opening is different from last time, this time the two characters are on the roof of the pet shop and are looking at a strange object. Been the curious one out of the two Squeaks walks up close to the object and starts to sniff it, after a few minuets of intense focus and tension Squeaks decides to actually touch the mysterious object. When Squeaks does in deed touch the device he is shocked and then launched backwards by the sheer power behind the shock and crashes in an object of screen, Bubbles looks back and forth between the object and where Squeaks vanished to. Once Bubbles snaps out of his shock and in anger charges at the strange device only to end up been shocked by it himself and flung back but not as far as Squeaks but is saved by Squeaks before he impacts the ground. Bubble looks at Squeaks in shock to see that he is flying, as Squeaks placing Bubbles down on the ground before backing up allowing Bubbles to breath. Once Bubbles has recovered he rushes over to Squeaks only to discover he has acquired Super Speed, when the two find out they mess around for a while before realizing the devices is over heating so they form a plan to safely remove the device. The two successfully throw the device away and watch it self destruct off screen before realizing they have lost their powers but shruging it off before running back in side.

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