Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubble and Squeak Narrative Ideas Development 1

This post is a new narrative idea for Bubble and Squeak:

The episode opens like the others, we see the pet shop first before zooming in on said shop, once the we enter the shop via the doors, we see Bubble and Squeak in their separate tanks been kept apart from each other on each end of the room. Because Bubble and Squeak are the best of friends the separation to them is devastating since they cannot spend time with each other any more. After looking at each other with sadness for a while, squeak starts to think of various methods of escape from him climbing his cage, like a climbing to Bubble curling up in his shell and using his log in his environment as a ramp, allowing him to jump over his pen. Eventually Squeak comes up with an idea to escape by using his claw to lock pick his cages lock and Bubble escapes by using his fantastic ability of been able to cling to any surface to scale his pen walls. When Bubble’s reaches the bottom of the stand he finds a ball that has been knocked of one of the displays and uses it to speed himself up by getting on top and using his movements to move the ball. Eventually the two meet in the middle of the shop, so been the playful friends that they are, they start to mess around with the ball the bubbles found such as Bubbles rolling the ball while Squeaks pretends to be a surfer on top of him, eventually the fun leads to the characters accidentally flying of a random item from the shop that acted like a ramp causing the characters to go flying and crash into a tank, smashing the glass. The character in the end emerge safe and sound admittedly a bit confused but unharmed before they burst out in laughter.

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