Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Google Web Designer 2

This next post is when I was focusing on the pen tool and it’s use in Google Web Designer and how may be this can help me in the future:

After watching this video the pen too can do several different things, while these things are all shape based they are each unique in their own way:

Shape Point Manipulation: When the pen tool is in use click anywhere on the available document to form a point of the shape that you want to create, then move along the document and click to create another point. Once this is done a line should form between these points, this is the starting point of the shape that you want to create, now move along the page and create another point and again in doing so a new line has formed (The line will only form between the current point and the most recent point). Now you have two choices you can either create another point and line or you can click the first point to create a simple shape such as a triangle or you can continue and make the most bizarre shape possible as long as you remember to connected the points to the start.

Line Manipulation: Line Manipulation can be done in two ways one been that instead of just clicking to create a shape point, hold down the left click and pull slightly to create a line and then let go, you have a line. From here you can grab any part of the line (Except the Middle and ending points) and pull them to bend the line forming a curved line, this can be done with with a line you have just made or a pre-existing shape. (From here you can also use the point manipulation to create more lien to manipulate and make a big curved shape).

Alt – Left Click: When a line has been created by Line Manipulation, by pressing the Alt key and left clicking one of the line points on the end of the line you can rotate on side of the line. (Please note that the liens stay asymmetrical with each other.)

Ctrl Z and Y: These key controls can be used to erase or undo a mistake that you have made while using the line tool. Ctrl Z deletes the mistake and Ctrl Y undo them.

3D Capabilities: By clicking the 3D rotate tool, the line manipulation can be used from all angles to create seamless 3D shapes.This can also be used to create a new path on a new plane.

Colour Manipulation: Allow manipulation of line colour and fill of shapes.


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