Independent Practice: Drawing Practice

This post will focus on sketches I did for my independent work, each one of these drawings was done in a timed limit:


This first sketch was drawn in about five minuets, when I did draw this my main focus was capturing the main shapes of the items that I had placed in front of myself and at least some of the features that helped define the items. While I was happy that I had managed to achieve the general shapes and at least a few details which helped identify the items, I have realised that my perspective with the actual positioning of some of the items is quite awful such as the bottle, which when I sketched it was laying on it’s side but with the way I drew it looks like it is standing on it’s lid which bugs me to no end. But all in all the final product was alright for a five minute quick drawing.


The second drawing was done under ten minuets and due to the extra five minuets I managed to not only correctly draw the new set up but I also managed to draw some of the minor details such as the cable or the duck image on the mug. Although I had more time to actually add details such as the cable, it often was awful in detail because I couldn’t get the thickness of the actual cable correct. Other details such as the bottle cap worked out really well and the actual mouse. So in the end I managed to successfully draw the shapes of the items that I had used but I still need to work on them, even if the speed rate of drawing them at a decent state has improved slightly.


This is a sketch that I did in thirty minuets, this gave me enough times to draw not only the items that were in front of me but also place almost all the details that the items had on them correctly into the sketch. For example one of the best sketches is coco cola not only have I captured the indents on the actual bottle but also the left over cola that is actually caught in said gaps, this cola bottle sketch also includes part of the companies logo which was drawn incorrectly. A majority of the sketch was a general success given the amount of time I had to draw this with the amount of detail that I did, there is some down fails with this such as perspective and positioning of the items as well which were slightly off.

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