Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Squeak Idea’s 1

This blog post is to show my first few design ideas that I had for the development of squeak in attempt to make him more mouse like in the process.


As you can see the first few drawings in the image above do show that I am starting to get the general understanding of how the anatomy of the mouse works, mainly at this moment how the head works more than anything else, which can be seen in the image above in the bottom left corner. The rest of the body work isn’t the best in these attempts, a few do actually look like they are starting to take on the appearance of an actual mouse.


These next two images focus more on the main body of the mouse and how their work when they move. As you can see my first drawing on the left goes back to more of the original design than my current attempts. This was slightly irritating due to the fact that I had spent ages trying to develop away from the original idea and now in one attempt I had redrawn the original design. The second design is the most successful design out of the two, the body is positioned correctly and both the head, arms and legs are equally proportioned making this drawing of Squeaks look more like a proper mouse, which makes me happy and draws in the target audience.


In the next image I attempted to recreate these attempt with the first few sketches in the image above the first one been the best out of the lot, the head was done perfectly as were the arms and the feet. Making this sketch of a mouse seem like it was the most successful, the main reason why this occurred was that I focused more on drawing shapes to help me correctly shape the mouse with the proportioning. The second drawing was an attempt without me drawing any shapes to help start the proportioning and while it came out looking somewhat decently there was a huge difference between the previous sketch and the current one. The other two drawings were absolutely awful compared to the other sketches their was no shapes to help I tried to create appearance of the mouse just from the top of my head and as you can see it worked some what but the ending result was that they didn’t look very appealing to the eye.


These last drawings were more focused on making the character appearing more animated or Tom and Jerry like and while some of them look like they were actual animated character the other drawings look nothing like a proper mouse more liek a demon of some sorts.

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