Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Animation Technology Research 4

This blog post will focus on the software called Google Web Design, this software was designed to be used for several different art based jobs, while the name does indeed indicate that it’s sole purpose is based on Web Design it isn’t actually just for

The software has a wide range of options that allow the user to manipulate various items/layers within their project. These features can allow the user to develop and create various still images or animated shorts, which is something that I am looking for with my project. One of the features includes the ability to construct a 360 Degree animation generator, which is treated like a cub net on the software for so long, allowing the user to place the desired designs on the appropriate sides before reassembling the cube to create a working artificial 3D animation that can be rotated and viewed at from different angles.

I chose this video because it displays this feature in full effect.

This software can also be used to produced standard 2D animation, these animations can often be a standard 2D screen one or a animated banner that is often used for advertising on websites such as the Daily Mail and Ebay. These banner involve the designer creating a background either in a 3D or 2D format and then placing another image onto as another layer and then they can animate said layer how they wish either via manual commands or by programming the animation via coding.

I think this is one of the best options for me to go with my bubble and Squeak animation because not only is the software free but like i stated previously this software has a wide range of features and options for various uses which makes it perfectly suitable for this project.

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