Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 5

Here is the final idea for my Bubble and Squeak Animation:

This episode opens with a massive change to the pet shop from the previous versions, that I have created and posted. The change is that Bubble and Squeak have been separated from each other and immediately the audience begins to worry and question what has happened to these characters. Bubble and Squeak look at each other in worry as they realise that they can’t see each other any more without the Shopkeeper noticing that they have vanished from either of their enclosures. Squeak then looks around hoping to find a way to get back to his friend, as Squeak looks around he notices lots of items that have left in the place of where his and Bubbles environments where originally kept by the shopkeeper when he began to set up a new environment for a new pet. Once Squeak looks at the items for a while before a light bulb appears above his head indicating that he has had an idea and he indicates to Bubbles that he has to reach him. Squeak attempts to sign what his plan is to Bubbles in an attempt to not alert the shopkeeper about what they are planning. Unfortunately Bubble’s doesn’t understand all of Squeak’s random hand gestures causing Squeaks to sigh in annoyance before moves over to his cages gate and attempts to unlock his cages lock without drawing attention to himself. Eventually Squeak manages to unlock his cage and leaps down to the ground and begins to hide behind the items on the floor. Squeak makes his way across the room still using the items to hide in a mission impossible kind of style narrowly avoiding been caught by the gaze of the shop owner and then quickly scales Bubbles tank before leaping into and joining his friend.

While I like this story idea it might be a bit long and doesn’t seem to work that well unlike the halloween one that I developed but it still does draw in the target audience with it’s comedy moments such as the sign languages.

One thought on “Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 5

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