Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 4

Here is the forth idea for the Bubble and Squeak Animation:

This story starts differently from the previous narratives that I have developed for this project. This story starts by seeing an empty cage and fish tank, which of course throws the audience of since no characters are visible at the time. As the camera looks around for the characters, they start to hear noises such as Bubbles bubbling sound or Squeak well squeaking leading to the camera moving in the direction where the sounds are originating from, only to see nothing again. This continues for several more times before the audience starts to see a physical appearance of the characters such as Squeak’s tail and the mouth of Bubbles, this not only helps easy the annoyance of not been able to see the characters but it also should make the audience laugh because they begin to realise that the characters are playing with their audience and are essentially breaking the fourth wall. Eventually we will start to see more and more of the characters physical appearance, until it suddenly stops earning the confusion of the audience in the process and it stays like this for several more seconds before both characters appear wearing halloween masks. More specifically Bubbles is wearing a ghost mask and Squeak a pumpkin mask, this is to not only make the audience jump but also laugh after their initial scare from these two beloved characters.

I did this to simulate what it would be like for the audience to see either out of the shopkeepers or customers point of view when they are looking at all the pets when they are in their tanks. I also chose to do the mask like ending because it is nearly halloween and I though that I might take some inspiration form this one day holiday by trick or treat my audience in the process and earn a laugh in the process from the scare .

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