Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 3

Here is the third idea for my Bubble and Squeak Animation:

The episode starts with Bubble and Squeak talking to each other within their tank and cage, as they converse between each other, they fail to see a new tank been placed in the pet shop by the owner’s hand. The container is covered in a blanket or tarp keeping the new animal a secret from the rest of the pets. Curious Bubble and Squeak investigate the covered container (Squeak is wearing a modified water feeder from Squeak’s cage). They remove the tarp to see a snail slivering along a old tree branch and they look at each other in confusion before watching the snail move slowly for several minuets until they both get fed up with the snail’s pace and shy. Squeaks then proceeds to slam his paw against the contain to get the snail to move more quickly,  the nail fails to move at all causing the characters to sigh again at the lack of movement. Squeaks gets that annoyed that he keeps knocking on the tank until it slides of the edge of the table top and smashing causing both characters to wince at the sound of smashing and look down to see the nail speed by from the force of containers impact causing them both to look on shocked.

I really like this narrative as the episode that I might create because while the story is quite predictable it also shows a good sense of humour that draws in the target audience as well as helps keep the attention on both eh main characters and the snail that they are investigating.

One thought on “Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 3

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