Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 2

This post is for my second narrative idea for a Bubble and Squeak episodes:

The episode starts with a Bubble and Squeak conversing with each like in the previous idea (I am thinking that this might be an excellent starting point for all the stories or though I might change this later on, we will see.) While Bubble and Squeak are conversing the fail to notice that the snakes have managed to escape from their partially closed snake tank and started to scatter and invade the pet shop. It isn’t until later that the other Animals within the pet shop begin to notice that the snakes have invaded especially when a snake picks up Squeak with it’s tail causing him Squeak to a release a high pitch well….. squeak earning the snake the attention of Bubbles. Who then leaps to the rescue of his best friend by actually leaping into the air and then slaps his tail fin into the snake’s face leading to the Snake dropping Bubbles in shock and fall of the top of Squeaks cage before landing on a bouncy ball and is flung back into it’s tank. The other snakes seeing what happened to their leader they flee back into their tank closing the lid while Bubble’s checks on Squeak to find that he is alright, if anything just dizzy.

While I like this idea, it eventually seemed to be quite a stretch in actual fact due to the rest of the snakes not been that involved with the story and only when they escape the tank as well as fleeing from Bubbles when he beats up their Alpha. I also think that this would make the animation a lot harder due to the fact that amount of snakes and other animals used to make this scene may take a while to not only animate but also create in different styles so they all feel unique.

One thought on “Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 2

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