Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Narrative Idea 1

Theses next five blogs will focus on ideas for a possible Bubble and Squeak episode in the future for my final major project.

The episode starts like normal for Bubble and Squeak spending time together in their home the local pet shop, as the two continue to talk and play together they fail to notice that they have accidentally caught the tap for Bubble’s tank causing it to eventually over flow and flood the pet shop in the process leading to the water escaping the building and washing everything that was inside of the shop out onto the street including Bubble and Squeak as well as several other pets that were kept in the shop. Once the shop and the pets have been completely washed out, Bubble and Squeak look at the shop in shock to see tones of water coming out of the window before looking back and forth between the shop and each other.

I like this idea for my animated episode of Bubble and Squeak due to the fact that while the idea is a classic, it is also one of the best as it takes one of the most possible scenarios as well as one of the worst cases that this characters that they could get into. In doing so, I have created a narrative that utilizes the spot light not only on the main characters but also helps show their own idiocy/comedic value and this help make the audience laugh in the process.

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