Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Final Decision and Aims

This blog post will contain my decision about which project I am going to chose for my final major project and what my aims are for this project:

Bubble and Squeak:

The project that I have decided to do is to a new episode of Bubble and Squeak, while I did make the first episode last year, this was more of a prototype or pilot episode. So for this project I will design and develop a new episode of Bubble and squeak, this might include new locations, props and characters to keep the episode fresh and unpredictable but to also make the series feel more realistic. This episode will focus on the actions of Bubble and Squeak and their interactions between each other, they migh interact with other characters in the episode. The episode will have a different range of stories to choose from each different to make the series seem not only unique but also so there is no clashes in the stories, they may also have a canonical link.

My aims for this project are:

  • Main Aim – To complete at an episodes of Bubble and Squeak, this episodes will be at least two minutes short. I chose to do one episodes because I thought that it would give me enough time to develop my original designs for the characters as well as characters and environments and props. This was also done so that I have enough time to create a wide range of story boards for the episode and then animate the story and characters.
  • Secondary Aim (Optional) – To have at least two animatics complete from three episode storyboards that I have produced so far. I chose this secondary aim because I thought it would be quite interesting to see the story boards from the Bubble and Squeak animated in an attempt to tell the tale without been fully animated like it’s successor and sound.
  • Third Aim (Optional)- To at least have a new character appear in the episodes (even if it is for a few seconds). I chose this as my third aim because I thought that while Bubble and Squeak are the original characters, it might be nice and help move the story along if there was a new character introduced and not only that but it might help draw the attention in from the target audience with the introduction of this new character. This will also help keep the story and franchise keep feeling fresh.
  • Fourth Aim – To have one episode that is set in a new environment, this can either be for a full episode or for a brief period of time. I chose this as my final aim because I thought that in one of the new episodes it might be quite nice and appealing for Bubble and Squeak to visit a new location that has not been seen before and in doing so makes the animated series a lot more special then it originally was.

I have also set my self sub aims which don’t necessarily have to be completed but they are their to help guide me through the project as well as remind me what I am aiming for when I am working with this project. These sub aims may be silly little things such as making sure that the animation runs smoothly.

  1. To make sure that the animation works smoothly. I am having this as one of my sub aims because I want to at least make sure that the animation runs smoothly, so I will need to make sure that massive chunks are not missing from the frames for the characters or other items that move.
  2. Decide if the animation needs to be in colour or not. My first episode that I ever did for Bubble and Squeak was in black and white and while it did suit the animation I have always wondered what the animation might look like in colour.
  3. Produce at least one original episode. This means I need to create a story for one of the animated episodes that is based on my own original idea and is not influenced by another animated comedy such as Tom and Jerry.

Hopefully I will successfully fore fill all my aims that I have given my self when I take up this project again and in doing so I can not only make it a lot better than the original episode but also have chosen a project that will officially work well with the Final Major Project of my BA Honours Animation Course.

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