Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Idea Spider Diagram 2

This is the second blog post that is to show the ideas that I have been having for my final project:


The first idea that I am going to select to talk about is my short animations. I consider this after noticing one of the suggestion boxes that was giving to me in a document about this years major project. The idea of doing several animated shorts does sound appealing so I thought that I might go that way. The first plan for this was to brain storm ideas for what sort of animations I might create for this project. The next step for my plan for this project is designing the characters, props and environments for these animated shorts, I would then chose the designs that are most popular with my target audience. Next I will take the designs in for development and once they have been developed I will let my target audience decide which developed designs to take onto the final design stage. I will then let my target audience decide the final design and then commence the animating of my stories. Once the animating is done I will start to review the animations taking into account the actual motions of the animations, the story-line, the characters and the audience own reviews, bringing this project to a close.

What I considered next was may be going into Character Design, I considered this because it is very similar to the concept art plan from my other spider-diagram, only this time my project focuses sorely on the designing and development of characters. My first plan of action for this project would be to research how other artist would do this sort of project from the sort of characters that they would create to the what sort of style they would do it in. The next step would be to practice drawing human and several different anatomy to not only make sure that I can draw them decently but make sure that I understand how they work. Once I am happy with my practices I will then start to draw characters in their early concept forms, once I am happy I have drawn enough I will review them by myself and with my target audience. The chosen designs will then go onto the development stage which will involve me drawing more designs that are based on the chosen designs from the design idea stage. Each idea will have several more drawn which are based on that single drawing in some way, once I am happy with them, I will take them to be reviewed again. Once the choice is made I will redraw the chosen designs to make them look more professional looking and then review them when they are done.

The next plan would be exactly the same except it would focus on environment design instead of character, so the research would be based on Environment, environment Artists and their work. after that everything is the same for this plan, practice, draw designs and review, develop reviewed work and review that and then redraw final piece to look more professional and then review again.

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