Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Idea Spider Diagram 1

This blog post is to show the ideas that I have been having for my final project.


This is the Spider Diagram or as I like to call this diagram a Visual Idea Cloud, which displays all my ideas that I have had so far for my Final Major Project in a visual form, to make it easier for not only me to understand but also people reading this post. I will start with the concept art idea, since I started this course, I have been interested in going down the Concept Art route after I finish Art School, the reason for this is that I find it interesting and more enjoyable to actually create and design the characters, props and environments before they are even animated. Any way the concept diagram is starts with researching what concept art actually is, so that I have not only a understanding of it and what it is actually what it is used for and may be some examples of artists that have actual gone down that route but so that I can also use this information to help influence my own understanding and work for this project.

The second objective in this section of this project if I decide to go down this route is I will have to experiment to find not only my own style for when I draw the concept art but also for my own practice since I am not the best at drawing even though their has been a marginal improvement over the past two years while I have been at Art School, in doing this my drawing skills should improve and in doing so my concept art will look more professional in the process. The next step in this project will be to review my work and in doing this, helps me understand what I have successfully done as well as unsuccessfully when I have produced these pieces of concept art. This give me chance to understand what I have done wrong and what I can improve on when I produce more later on. I will repeat the experimentation again taking into account what I need to improve and try to apply it to this set of experiments before reviewing them again. I will repeat this cycle several times before create several pieces of Concept art that I think are decent enough to represent a finished project.

The next idea I had for my final major is actually continue an animated short based on a pet fish and mouse that get up to all sorts of trouble in the process by making more animated episodes for it. My first plan for this project, If I decided to choose it that is, is that I will research various bits of information from books, the internet and general knowledge to help give me new ideas for new story-lines, characters and environments. My next step is that I will go back to developing the characters a bit more and maybe even creating more characters and environments for the various stories that might involving them. The next step is to start to draw up storyboards for the animated shorts of Bubble and Squeak, I would first draw up several episode ideas for this project, these ideas would be for the general story lines of an episode. Then I would choose an story-line for each episode that I deem is suitable, once a story line has been chosen I will develop the chosen story-lines further to help fill in any plot holes and to make sure that story runs smoothly. I will then chose the best corrected version of the story-line for each episode. I will animate so many of these episode for my final project. While this does seem like there is a quite a lot to be done, I believe that this is suitable for this project.

The final idea on this diagram is an idea I had after I saw one of the major projects from the game designers last year, when their stands where been prepared for our schools yearly art show. The idea was to design my own Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck/Archtype, since I not only have a decent amount of knowledge on this popular game such as the rules but I also have extensive knowledge on the recent types of cards released and the ones that are now legally banned at official tournaments etc. My first two steps are to look into the cards themselves mainly to see how the game has been updated recently with factors such as types, abilities, appearances, style and banned/limited cards. This is done so that I can make sure that the cards that I might design are not only too powerful but also so that they stay within the limits of the game and have their own unique style/appearance. The next target in this project would be to starts spider-diagramming ideas for the name of the archtype that I am designing, this make it easier to not only keep track of all the cards made but also helps them work together better as proven over the past few years with increasing archtype based decks coming out. The next objective is to start designing and developing not only the cards but also all the features that go on said cards such as characters on the monster cards as well as their abilities or what sort of spells that belong in the archtype deck that I am designing. The final step would be finalize all the design ideas and start actually making the cards themselves to the standard that is similar to official cards. The only down fall with this project is that it is more like a games design project that a animation project so it might not be the best idea to go down with for my final major project.

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