Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Google Web Designer 2

This next post is when I was focusing on the pen tool and it’s use in Google Web Designer and how may be this can help me in the future:

After watching this video the pen too can do several different things, while these things are all shape based they are each unique in their own way:

Shape Point Manipulation: When the pen tool is in use click anywhere on the available document to form a point of the shape that you want to create, then move along the document and click to create another point. Once this is done a line should form between these points, this is the starting point of the shape that you want to create, now move along the page and create another point and again in doing so a new line has formed (The line will only form between the current point and the most recent point). Now you have two choices you can either create another point and line or you can click the first point to create a simple shape such as a triangle or you can continue and make the most bizarre shape possible as long as you remember to connected the points to the start.

Line Manipulation: Line Manipulation can be done in two ways one been that instead of just clicking to create a shape point, hold down the left click and pull slightly to create a line and then let go, you have a line. From here you can grab any part of the line (Except the Middle and ending points) and pull them to bend the line forming a curved line, this can be done with with a line you have just made or a pre-existing shape. (From here you can also use the point manipulation to create more lien to manipulate and make a big curved shape).

Alt – Left Click: When a line has been created by Line Manipulation, by pressing the Alt key and left clicking one of the line points on the end of the line you can rotate on side of the line. (Please note that the liens stay asymmetrical with each other.)

Ctrl Z and Y: These key controls can be used to erase or undo a mistake that you have made while using the line tool. Ctrl Z deletes the mistake and Ctrl Y undo them.

3D Capabilities: By clicking the 3D rotate tool, the line manipulation can be used from all angles to create seamless 3D shapes.This can also be used to create a new path on a new plane.

Colour Manipulation: Allow manipulation of line colour and fill of shapes.


Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Google Web Designer 1

This post will focus on my study these videos about how to use Google Web Design and then how I managed to recreate the result:

I followed the steps of this video allowing me on Google Web Design to create a digital banner. The banner was formed by me using several different drawing tool such as the shape tool and the pen tool. Unfortunately I don’t know how to upload my banner beginners test at the moment.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Bubbles Character Rethink

It has come to my attention that the animal that Bubbles is depicted as might not be the best choice to interact with speak since a fish can’t really interact with Squeaks that well, so I need to look into another creature that fits the name of Bubbles but also is able to interact with the Squeaks a lot easier than a fish could. This post will contain a list of animals that can produce bubbles but this post will also analyse them to make sure that the animals are suitable for a pet shop:

  1.  Baby Elephant – Starightaaway you can tell that this animal is unsuitable for a pet in a pet shop because baby elephants are about the size of a bike and weigh even more than that
  2. Beluga Whale – Again too big and unrealistic for this animation.
  3. Polar Bear – Even though this animal/mamal actually blows bubble it isn’t exactly suitable for a pet shop so this animal is of the list, plus also who would want a polar bear as a pet.
  4. River Crab – This might work, since crabs can be found in pet shops as basic pets and the River Crab is known to blow bubbles randomly and could make a suiable relacement since it can live above the water and use it’s claws to interact with the environment and props easily.
  5. Monkey – too big and quite idiotic personally.
  6. Sea Lion – Not really a pet.
  7. Dolphin – Not a pet and is an endangered species.
  8. Koi Fish – Fish won’t work, any more.
  9. Shark – Not a pet and is an endangered species.
  10. Cat – Is different but is unable to blow bubbles and gives off a Tom and Jerry feel, which while this project was inspired by said animated series was not meant to be exactly like it.
  11. Dog – Is different but is unable to blow bubbles and gives off a Tom and Jerry feel, which while this project was inspired by said animated series was not meant to be exactly like it.
  12. Hippos – Not really a pet.
  13. Common Froghopper – Water Insect and possible replacement for the original Bubbles since it not only blows bubble but it has arms that are able to interact with the environment and some insects are kept as pets.
  14. Violet Snail – Possible replacement for the original Bubbles since it not only blows bubble but it has arms that are able to interact with the environment and some insects are kept as pets.
  15. Star – Nosed Mole – Not really a pet and endangered species.
  16. Foam – Nest Treefrog
  17. Siamese Fighting Fish – Fish, won’t work
  18. Humpback Whales- Not really a pet and endangered species.



Creative Futures: Pro Practitioner, Client Project: Ideas

The deep.

Hull City of Culture.

Art Event in Beverley – Name unknown at the moment (Special art pieces that are hardly seen been moved to Beverley for the exhibit.)

Macmillian Christmas event

Disability Organisation – BGS Learning Support or another group

Women of the World/WOW – A event been held during the City of Culture in March 2017. This event is to celebrate International Woman’s Day  on the 8th March and the main focus of this event is to question why the equality of Gender is taking so long to be achieved as well as looking into what we actual need to change to achieve this. One of the directors of this project stated that everyone from all genders, all ages to get involved with WOW, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed and celebrated since many women have played a great part in Hull’s History and this is a step closer to bringing Gender Equality.

Times of Thinker Project:

* Freedom Centre, Preston Road, east Hull, Tuesday 11 October, 1100-1230

* Lesley Downs Theatre, Ferens Building, Hull University, Cottingham Road, Hull, Wednesday 12 October, 1400-1530

* Bransholme Library, Northpoint Shopping Centre, Bransholme, Thursday 13 October, 1330-1500

* Pave Bar, Princes Avenue, west Hull, Monday 17 October, 1945-2115

* Asda Mount Pleasant, east Hull, Wednesday 19 October, 1330-1500 and 1800-1930

* Rayners, Hessle Road, west Hull, Friday 21 October, 1730-1900

* The Mercure Hull Royal Hotel, Ferensway, city centre, Monday 21 November, 1800-2000

The Gual – A play written by Janet Plater a Hull born Writer that focus on the loss of the Gual in 1974 and how the wives and relatives of the crew deal with not only this but also the discovery of said ship in 1997 in a documentary. Plater recreates all of in her play via the character called Kay who experiences all of these events as one of the relatives of the crew and tries to free her self from the depression caused from it.

Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Squeak Idea’s 2

Here are some more design idea’s for Squeak’s redesign done out of pen:


This first image is again me attempting to recreate the shape of the mouse from my previous attempts, unfortunately this attempt isn’t the best at all, I was unsuccessful in capturing the essence of the mouse. I decided that maybe it wasn’t the best way to go with a realistic mouse for Squeak so I will go for a cartoonist styled anthropomorphic mouse. My first attempts at this are the three the top two images and the bottom one. The top two were more focused on using the shapes again to capture the humor of the character that I can actually picture. Personally I believe the designs are or at least the heads of the mice are begin to look more mouse like the more I actually draw. This time I used several images of mice to help me understand the physical appearances and properties of mice to a some what accurate degree.

Image result for mice

This image belongs to Canberra Pest Control


As you can see I have used the image of the mouse that I found online as a reference for drawing this page of drawings, mainly for the facial proportioning of the character. Some of facial experiments for Squeak’s were successful recreations of a mouse face to a certain degree the only difference from the original image is that the eyes are slightly bigger and it is a sketch that is drawn in my own style. The only negative with these sketches is the fully body shots look more like random sketches. I will need to try to work more on this, maybe get some more images for me to study and sketch out. I will need to focus more on various mouse images to help understand the correct proportioning, size and shapes of Squeak and then be able to transfer this to paper in a correct method.


This next image was a an attempt to put my character in certain situations to help me understand and utilise the anatomy of a mouse successfully to that situation. Hence why the lumpy drawing of the mouse drinking from the water dispenser is on the page, I drew this drawing to show how Squeak would react to drinking from a water dispenser as well as throwing in a different angle to the sketch to see how that would effect not only the character but also give us the audience a better understanding of the characters appearance and personality.  Two other sketches were also attempts at putting Squeak in certain situations to not only breath life into him but also show how he would react to these situations.


This next page of sketches focused on again working with Squeak’s interaction with the environment or prop again. The first sketch was a slight success in the sense that I managed to capture the mouses body structure and movement from the first image of a mouse that I have found and placed in the blog. The rest of the sketches on this page were experiments with Squeak moving or waving at the audience.

Image result for mouse

This image belongs to IFLScience


This next image the sketches were more experiments to see if I could again successfully recreate how a mouse moves a stands using the images that I have gathered for study. My main focus in this image was again how a mouse stands and sits since this is key to the my actual animation as it is how the character acts to certain situations.


This image of sketches was for facial proportioning, scale and shape as well as practicing of body positioning and hand sizes and positions as well.


Independent Practice: Drawing Practice

This post will focus on sketches I did for my independent work, each one of these drawings was done in a timed limit:


This first sketch was drawn in about five minuets, when I did draw this my main focus was capturing the main shapes of the items that I had placed in front of myself and at least some of the features that helped define the items. While I was happy that I had managed to achieve the general shapes and at least a few details which helped identify the items, I have realised that my perspective with the actual positioning of some of the items is quite awful such as the bottle, which when I sketched it was laying on it’s side but with the way I drew it looks like it is standing on it’s lid which bugs me to no end. But all in all the final product was alright for a five minute quick drawing.


The second drawing was done under ten minuets and due to the extra five minuets I managed to not only correctly draw the new set up but I also managed to draw some of the minor details such as the cable or the duck image on the mug. Although I had more time to actually add details such as the cable, it often was awful in detail because I couldn’t get the thickness of the actual cable correct. Other details such as the bottle cap worked out really well and the actual mouse. So in the end I managed to successfully draw the shapes of the items that I had used but I still need to work on them, even if the speed rate of drawing them at a decent state has improved slightly.


This is a sketch that I did in thirty minuets, this gave me enough times to draw not only the items that were in front of me but also place almost all the details that the items had on them correctly into the sketch. For example one of the best sketches is coco cola not only have I captured the indents on the actual bottle but also the left over cola that is actually caught in said gaps, this cola bottle sketch also includes part of the companies logo which was drawn incorrectly. A majority of the sketch was a general success given the amount of time I had to draw this with the amount of detail that I did, there is some down fails with this such as perspective and positioning of the items as well which were slightly off.