Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Animation Technology Research 3

This next blog post will look into a some more of the various animation software that I have either been suggested or that I have located that actually might be of use to me with my up coming final major project.

Springboard software:

Springboard is a piece of software designed to help create storyboards for various projects from Animations to Films an even Television series. The Software allows the user to create a storyboard document of their choice and then draw what they want on the document and edit it for how they want the project they are working on to turn out. The software is an excellent way of of creating storyboards because it is a digital product it allows the user to remove things that would other wise be a lot harder for them to do it they had hand drawn the storyboard with a pencil, ink or paper. This means that the user can remove things such as self drawn guide lines from characters that were placed there to help them draw the correct shapes and sizes for the characters, with accidentally erasing the actual lines of the character that they want to keep. This software also is help because it also offers options such as shapes to help speed up the storyboard creating process with features such as characters and building that are oddly shaped. What also makes this interesting and maybe worth getting for my major final project is that this is free to the public it doesn’t cost anything and it offer all of it features as well, which makes this piece of software perfect for my project if I decided to go with the Bubble and Squeak idea as the final choice from my Picture Idea Cloud that I have produce (This will be posted soon.)


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ToonBoom Storyboard Pro:

Storyboard Pro is very similar to Springboard in almost every it offers the user a digital means of producing storyboards and allows them to edit the story how every they want as long as it is available in the software of course. But what makes this software a lot different from Springboard is two things the first been that it allows the user to actually put all their frames together to produce an animatic to see how well the actual story that the user has put together goes and how easy it is to understand. The second factor that makes this piece of software different from Springboard is that it cost £44.71 a month to use this piece of software which does give you all these feature but it doesn’t give you the character design software that costs another £40 to get that software as well. I would use this piece of software for my final major project but due to the fact that it has almost every single feature like Springboard and that it costs £44.71 just to by when I could get a free copy, I think if I need to use storyboards in my Final Major Project then I should down load Springboard.


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