Independent Practice – Final Major Project: Animation Technology Research 1

This blog post will focus on the developing Technology and Practices used within the Animation Industry today, the reason for this is that the industry while originally hand drawn has started to utilizes various methods of technology to enhance or make a simple animated tale look much more realistic and flow through the motions a lot better than before. So now most modern day animators need to have some form of knowledge or experience with modern technology since it used quite often within the industry:

In fact recently IBC Digital a small Digital Media Company that works both in the film/tv medium as well as animation has been in the news because apparently they use a wide range of both old and new technologies to produce their animations and other visual media. This article that I found also went on about how they were holding an event for various companies to display their animation technologies to the audience at the exhibit.

At this exhibit Adobe revealed that After effects was getting an upgrade which improved the overall software with features such as improved 3D Rendering system, better performance and shared templates. These features while small they made a big difference to the software and it’s users, the media produced comes out a lot more defined and effectively.

Autodesk also made an appearance at the event to announce that they were releasing an update for their Flame 2017 Finishing system. This software was designed specifically to make the use of 3D Rendering software easier to use and transfer between each other, the new version also allows the media to be exported in a FBX format.

Blackmagic Design was also introduced at the event with a new software update as well that focused and assists the companies DaVince Resolve and Fusion VFX Software. The fusion update or as it is known as professionally Fusion 8.2 is know official compatible and available to Linux OS and comes in two versions, One been a free version for standard use and the other for professional use been sold at £755. The DaVince Resolve update or DaVince 12.5.2 is an update that helps recording equipment and updates such as Quicktime.

Boris FX and GenArts also made an appearance at this event, with Boris FX claiming the rights to GenArts to focus and utilize the motion technology that they were developing before been purchased. During the event GenArts also present the upcoming software Sapphire 10 a special piece of software designed for visual media software such as After effects.

Cannon has also released several new forms of recording equipment at this event such as the EOS C700 and C700PL all the cameras released can capture 4K Video up to 59.94p/CFast 2.0 cards.


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