Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Resit Research 5

Here is some live research that I did, to help me understand the live actions of characters in future so that I can effectively recreate them:

I recorded this animation during an event that occurred in my home town recently, that revolved around puppetry, as you can probably tell. I chose to show this in my blog because while it does indeed show regular motions that I can use for my animation from the audience watching the street performance, the motion of the giant puppet and woman on the giant red ball is what is most interesting about this clip. This is because they are using their own motions to create motions for characters of their own creations, in a sense they are their own kind of animators. For example the man with the giant puppet, the way it is designed is that when he walks the rope attached to his feet causes the puppets legs to follow that same motion, so in other words everything he does the puppet does and I found this quite interesting and inspiring for my project. I found this interesting due to the idea of the motion been mimic easily. How I can review these videos, when I myself am doing my animation to help look at the movements and try integrate them into it. What is also interesting is that while the puppet almost successfully mimics it’s masters orders, it still had it’s own unique movements to them and gave them their own sense of individuality. I am going to also consider this in my own animation because this is what Dramatic impetus and emotive context is about.

The next few recording are ones I recorded in my own hometown to help me with motion aspect of my animation especially on the dramatic impetus part.

All these clips have various amounts of movements from a wide range of peoples within the clips, for example in the clip above the man in this scene, when it opens straight away has a small limp to him when he actually walks around. Just from seeing that implies that each and every person/character in both real life and visual media has their own unique personal trait that helps them identify them and divides them apart from each other. I found that all these different movements can be very helpful for my animated project in this subject because it can help me develop my own unique movement for the character that will be involved with catching a random object that we will not know till they reveal it. Just having a unique movement or characteristic adds to the dramatic impetus of the animation, which then draws in the target audience with either the one of kind feature the character presents or the actions that they perform when they are been animated. The audience are also drawn in by the characters unique feel that they give of compared to some randomly drawn characters who use the same motions of another character constantly.


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