Acting, Aesthetics and Audience Research 4

Here are last few examples of visual media I will use in this study of Acting, Aesthetics and Audience:

Gobelin’s Animation School:

I have chosen this because while it is a big Animation school, the animations that are produced via this academic facility aren’t exactly public knowledge due to the industry only been run by major companies such as Disney and Dreamworks. While they aren’t exactly well known, the animations that are produced are extremely interesting and inspiring for my own project.

I chose this animation for several reason’s the first been that the actual actions of the characters within this animation are done beautifully, they smooth, well placed and display what happens with in this small cafe really well. The actions allow the target audience to see that the cafe is not only always like this but allows them to actually feel what is happening within the cafe along with all the characters that are actually there at the time. This can be seen with the evening scene that is briefly shown during the animation, the environment was filled with emotion and this in return was passed onto the target audience. The colours used within this story were also a great contributing factor to the actual animation. For example at the beginning of the actual animation the colours used were that of ones that had a close representation to the actual morning. What I mean by this in order for them to capture the true feel of the cafe going by a full day is that they have to capture the true essence of those times of the day, so the colours as the day progress go from light to dark e.g. a very light blue by end of the day in the animation has become a dark one.

What also makes this animation very dramatic and effective on the target audience is the actual narrative of the animation, which like I have stated previously is a average day at a cafe but what makes this so interesting is that how the events that occur in the actual cafe rapidly change. That is what draws us in as the target audience to the actual animation because the story line implies that the events that occur within that single day are what happen every other day and that nothing ever happens that changes this. But as the animation goes on there are implications that each day has it’s own unique appearance and events that make this little cafe interesting for both the owners and their customers. This makes the target audience want to watch this animation again and see if there are anymore based on this single story-line that is so basic. I will need to consider this in my own animation for this project since I need to make an interesting animation that supplies plenty of Acting in the forms of Dramatic Impetus and Emotive context but isn’t very predictable. This story line seems to scream this though, so I might need to take a page out this animators book.

I chose this animation because it is very unique and breaks the expectations of the animation right there and then once the story starts. Once the target audience watches this animation they are completely enthralled by it. This is because of the story lines complete randomness in it’self. It starts with two snotty french women who think that the medieval era was boring and no one knew how to have fun but this is derailed by all the exhibits coming to life and proving them wrong. Not only does it draw people in but it makes it fun in doing so by making all the characters actions to this strange event perfect, the shock and confusion seen in this scene is beautifully done. What is also very interesting about the story line of this animation is that in a sense the actual animation is factual and aims to show how opinions have changed after hundreds of years and this is hinted with not only the women’s disgust but also some of the art pieces that come to life, a lot of them are quite sexual in nature.

The music used within this animation, personally reminds me of Disney’s Fantasia, so the animators of this project may have taken inspiration form this and several other medieval based visual media. The upbeat tune fits the animation perfectly it helps highlight the mischief that the medieval exhibits perform around the tourists and the members of staff on duty at the time of the event.


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