Acting Aesthetics and Audience Research 3

Here are some more example of Symbolism, Composition, Style and Colour within the Visual Media industry:


I have chosen Ghostbusters for several reasons, mainly for the fact that again most people are familiar with it in general, specially since the reboot has come out that was produced by Sony. The film contains lots of information that can be extremely handy for my project.

First of all the strongest moment of symbolism within this clip is the positron collider and grey jumpsuits, which is the iconic symbol or prop of the Ghostbusters franchise. When people see it they know that the Ghostbusters are here to catch a ghost or save the world from a paranormal phenomenon. When the target audience see these things it is a sign for them to cheer as they realize the Ghostbusters are here. The get up of the Ghostbusters can also be used to catch the attention of the target audience as their appearance isn’t something that you usually see for a hero or a member of the public services, so their appearance spike curiosity for those in the target audience who are seeing the film for the first time.

The colours used within the film are also very interesting. For example the colour of the Jump suits, you could argue that the grey colour is used to represent the dead, which is a very clever idea, if you think about it because the Ghostbusters catch ghosts and in a sense they are returning the dead to were they belong like Funeral ushers. You could argue that the rest of colours used in the film are used to represent the dead or supernatural occurrences since the film revolves around it, but at the same time it could have been used to foreshadow the actual fall of new York to the Ghosts. I will have to remember this later on when I am doing my animation for this project. For example I could use the colour to highlight keep moments within the animation so that I can strengthen them so that the target audience can feel their effects a lot more effectively.

The acting of the cast within this film are done brilliantly by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis in this scene, they capture not only the urgency of capturing the ghost but also the relaxed nature of the characters at the same time. This is shown with actions of the character Peter Vankman who, while the characters are moving the tables out of the way to set up the Ghost Trap, Vankman decides to do the famous magician trick of pulling the table cloth of the table while having it still set. This is used to bring laughs to the target audience in a tense but slightly dangerous scene, that the Ghostbusters are unfamiliar with since it is one of the first ghost cases they deal with.

I will have to carefully remember, how the actions of a character can influence the story of the animation as well as the audience, So when I design the storyboard of the animation I will have to remember this and find a way how I can influence the story effectively as well as the target audience that the animation is aimed at. I will have to be careful though because some actions of other characters can be consider quite insulting to other so I will have to be careful when I do animate the character/s.


Now I chose gremlins for two reasons both been seen as symbols in there own rights in the film. The first been that Gizmo is the iconic symbol of the franchise since he is not only the main character but he is technically the cause of the story as well as beloved for his adorable appearance and nature. The second one is the three rules when owning a Mogwai, which are Don’t expose them to bright lights, don’t get them wet and don’t feed them after midnight.

I chose this clip from the first movie showing this because it is used to create curiosity within the target audience due to the fact that now that they have been given the rules for owning a Mogwai, they want to know what would happen if any one of these rules was broken. This is also used to create a sense of for shadowing in film since the rules are broken later on and the audiences curiosity is satisfied when they find out the consequences with the creations of the Gremlins. Going back to Gizmo, his general nature and appearance is what draws in the target audience making them believe that he is no risk to them and this helps makes the story move along especially when the Gremlins appear before their mutation happens. At first when you see the gremlins you think that they are the same as Gizmo in every-way since they look like him and this lures the target audience into a false sense of security but after a while these (What Appear to be other) Mogwai start to show behavior patterns that don’t fit the nature of  Gizmo. Making the audience to start question what is different about them from Gizmo at the same time of the main characters. The audience is later completely thrown off when the mutation happens and the gremlins are revealed to be as ugly outside as they are inside.

The sound effects of this clip are also quite interesting, straight away with gizmo he makes sound that fit his characters and greatly effect the actions of both the characters and the target audience. But what I want to focus on the most in this bit of research is the actual use of music in this clip. It is supposed to be quite creepy in a sense to create a form of not only suspense and curiosity but also a moment of uneasiness within the characters and the target audience. This will be handy to remember, that an unnerving feeling can be easily created by the actions of a simple song, I will need to maybe consider this for an idea that I have recently had for my project, but I will discuss this later on.

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