Acting Aesthetics and Audience Research 2

Here are some more examples for my research, this section will focus more on sound effects and music then the previous version:

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Now most people are familiar with the Blue Blur, especially since it is his 25th Anniversary this year. While Sonic is known for fast paced levels and witty lines, he is also known for his music especially since he went 3D. His music since his turn is often written by the Japanese music group Crush 40 and in more recent years has been done by various other artists. One of his more original soundtracks during his origin years in Sonic 3 was written by Micheal Jackson.

Yes these two song are basically the same, the only difference is that one has been altered for a more modern Sonic Game. The first video is the original version of this soundtrack written and performed by Crush 40, which was developed for the first level called City Escape of the hero campaign of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. The reason why I chose this out of all the sonic songs that have been created is that this is one of the most popular due to it’s up beat rhythm and crisps lyrics as well as it describing part of Sonic’s personality perfectly to the newer gamers that have picked up the game. The song also suits the Level really well because the level is awfully colourful and cheerful as well regardless of all the enemies that it actual possess and together they create one of the most popular levels in the Sonic Universe…. well until you get the giant G.U.N. lorry at the end of the level that tries running you down. The song is that effective at getting the target audience pumped and drawn into the game that most often find themsleves singing along with the actual lyrics while playing that very level. This game also broke the common convention with music for gaming levels instead of having basic songs that gave an idea about the level, it utilizes a proper sound track. This was hardly done during the early 2000’s since games were only starting to become 3D.

The second video like stated previously is another version of the City escape soundtrack that was written and performed again by Crush 40 to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary. The song was used in Sonic Generations, the first Sonic game to unite Modern Sonic with his past self, Classic Sonic to fix the broken/erased timeline by reliving their most memorable levels both in Modern and Classic Style. The song was used for a classic adaptation of City Escape, while Crush 40 did perform a Modern Sonic version, I personally and several others believe that the classic version is a lot better. The actual beat of this version of Escape from the City is a lot more livelier than it’s predecessor and has a lot more beat to it which helps get not only Classic Sonic moving but also the target audience as well.

Star Wars:

Star Wars, one of the most iconic and popular Space Opera Genre series around today, that is still capturing the attention of the target audience in the next generation. I chose this for many reason such as the are many symbols within the series it’s self such as the lightsaber, which not only represents the weapon of both the Jedi and the Sith but it also represents balance of the force as well and the personality of a person. For example the blue lightsaber can mean peace and serenity, while green can mean balance and hope, red has no meaning because the crystals are artificially grown, although many argue that the colour actual means rage and anger or the craving for power.

The main point why I chose this is because while the lightsaber is a good example of symbolism in film, I did state that this blog post will focus on the music of animations, films etc. So lets focus on this shall we, I chose this clip from Return of the Jedi for several reason and first one is that once we hear the music straight away we know that Lord Vader is here and that if we do anything that he finds annoying he will most likely force choke us. This is used not only to announce the appearance of the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker to the audience but it is also used to create a form of weak fear since Sith Lords are supposed to be feared in the Star Wars mythology. This fear is seen mostly in the characters but it sometime can be felt by the target audience watching the films as well. The music if you listen carefully is also used to subtlety hint that Anakin is still redeemable i within the actual song. There are slight clues within it after the major beats that do indicate that Anakin waves between the Light and Dark side since he found out that he still has a Son even after he lost Padame, so he hasn’t lost very thing due to Palpatine’s treachery.

Both of these songs reveal a lot about how music is an important part of visual media and how it can help the story within them move along effectively and clearly. So in my case I am going to have to find both effective music and sound effects to help successfully bring the animation for my acting, aesthetics and audience project to life, although in some cases scenes don’t always need music, the sound effects themselves bring out the true narrative of the story and bring the emotions of the animation to life.

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