Narrative Structure Fictional Animation Prototype 3

Here is Prototype 3 animation for the Ass and his Driver:

This was mainly a test to see if the motions that I had develop for the characters in this animation, but I will still reflect what I have against my aims:

The aim for this animation project is to develop a Fictional Animation that successfully shows the chosen Aesop’s Fable, clearly and effectively to the target audience. This is to make sure that the tale and the lesson that is within, is easy to identify and understand. The Animation will also utilize correct, effective and suitable sound effects for this animation, that do not offend the audience and are either my own or are Royalty Free in Nature.

The first aim that I mentioned within my intentions is not possible to fulfill yet due to the fact that I have just stared the animation, so while the animation does introduce the name of the tale and the the two main characters that are related to it, this prototype doesn’t really tick my first box unfortunately because the target audience didn’t really understand what the animation was about about. The only positive of this was that the colours used were not only appealing to the eye and added a more mature feel to the story as well as it’s environment but also made the tales seem a lot more realistic. Due to this animation been a prototype, I have not yet finished putting the full tale into the animation or the lesson, so straightaway this tale fails against my original aims due to the story not been complete or even having the lesson within. This also fails the final aim for this animated project because no sound effects were involved with this prototype animation, the only successful aspect is that I didn’t offend any one with the sound effects, which is really good.

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