Narrative Structure Fictional Animation – Final

Here is final version of the Ass and his Driver with sound:

This version is my final version of the Aesop Fable, The Ass and his Driver with sound and effects added:

The aim for this animation project is to develop a Fictional Animation that successfully shows the chosen Aesop’s Fable, clearly and effectively to the target audience. This is to make sure that the tale and the lesson that is within, is easy to identify and understand. The Animation will also utilize correct, effective and suitable sound effects for this animation, that do not offend the audience and are either my own or are Royalty Free in Nature.

As you can see I have successfully fixed the slight mistakes in the animation’s character’s motions when I extended the amount of frames in each sequence. Now that I have fixed that, the animation seems to run a lot more smoothly and is able to successfully present the chosen fable perfectly as well as the lesson based with in it successfully to the target audience. So just by fixing the slight animation mistakes I have successfully completed my first and second aim that I hoped to complete when I started this project and this is strengthened even more with the actual chosen animation style and environment that make the target audience focus on the characters and how they effect the story. The sound effects worked perfectly and effectively within this animation and do not offend the target audience, if anything they find the actual sound effects such as the Driver talking amusing. The rest of the sound effects have chosen quite well, most of them have actually been well thought out and work effectively with the animated story line helping bring it to life in the process and drawing in the target audience, without the offending of  anyone. All of these sounds are like I stated either royalty free or produced by myself.

This project came out a lot better than I thought and I am very happy with the final product for the fictional Narrative. It has shown the story that I had chosen for this part of the project effectively and doesn’t put the target audience off, it stays true to the original tale and the lesson buried within it is still their and easy to identify.

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