Narrative Structure Fictional Animation Sound List

I have created this post to show the music and sound effects that I will consider or will use in my Ass and His Driver Animation, all these sound are either my own or royalty free sounds:

Valley Winds:

Provided by Soundfxforfree

I knew this was the sound effect that I was looking for straight away once I heard it, since the characters are walking on top of a mountain, the wind would be incredibly strong according to physics. The only down fall for this is that I will need to edited the actual volume because if I leave this still playing as it is at this volume no one would be able to hear the other sound effects.

Provided by Audio Productions

I found this sound effect and while it is a sound effect I am looking for the actual type of wind that this sound effect is replicating isn’t the right one I am looking for the strength that the sound effect is displaying is wrong and it won’t help the animation at all so I will have to use the one I found above this one.


Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

I chose this sound effect because the mountain Terran is often gravely and coated with rumble so the main characters walking on it would generate a gravel been stood on like sound.

Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

Too quite even if I turn it up, so I will be not using this sound effect.


I have already gather the hoof sounds for this animation with the factual animation on Alexander the Great, All I need is Donkey Noises now to complete this realism of the animation.

Provided by Free Sound Effects

Perfect for both when the donkey becomes surprised during his fall and when he is fighting against his driver, the only down fall is that it is quite long so it will need to be shorten and carefully placed in the actual animation.

Provided by n Beats Sound Effects

Same sound effect just a bit quieter which wouldn’t work unfortunately due to the fact that a surprised yell is need not a muffled quite one.


I have already gathered the talking sound effects from the previous animation.


Provided by SFX Planet

This was used to show the driver grabbing the clothing on the donkey to prevent him from falling, I must be careful with this in the final version or it may just sound weird.


Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

Provided by  copyrighy free sound-effect


No Music in this animation the wind makes up for it in this Aesop Fable.






Narrative Structure Factual Animation Sound List

I have created this post to show the music and sound effects that I will consider or will use in my Alexander the Great Animation, all these sound are either my own or royalty free sounds:


I chose this sound effect because it contain a lot more sounds then I believed it could possible hold, this single file supplies me with a majority of noise that a stereotypical horse is known for making. This makes it perfect for this narrative project because it helps me add on to the actual effect that the horse is more than a small motion based image and this will help add to the realism of the selected scene for Alexander’s History with his horse. The downfall with this is that I need to make sure that the actual motion of the horse is easy to see and understand when this is presented or the sound will not make sense to the audience. I will be using this audio clip for the Alexander the Great Animation because it seems to fit well with the animated horse logo that I have created for this project and it seems to cement the fact that one of Alexander’s closest friends is a horse, who experienced many of his greatest achievements.

I chose these two audio clips because I was considering using more than one clip to help bring the animated image to life making it seem more like the actual creature it is supposed to be. The downside with this is when I align these two into the actual animation it might be quite tricky to do as there might not be enough room/time for them both to completely fit unfortunately.

Storm and Thunder:


Provided by pinballman1

I have chosen this as one of my considered sound effects because it the thunder sound in this clip, while not exactly the clearest to hear but the volume and consistency of the sounds are what I am looking for in this animation because it suits the actual animated clip for the Alexander clip quite well. If anything it is slightly long for the required frames, so if anything I will need to shorten the clips and maybe connect them to suit the speed of the vast amounts of the lightning that flashes in the animated clip. I have chosen this clip because once it has been edited, it fits in with the actual section of the animation involving Zeus really well.

Provided by ProFX | Sound Effects

Man Crying

Once I heard this clip I knew it was perfect for this animation because during the ending of the animation the assassination of Alexander’s father is told and due to the close relationship between Alexander and his father, Philip Alexander was devastated when this happened and the combination of this with the actual animated image makes the moment that Alexander is describing.


Provided by Free Sound Effects

I chose this animation straight away for this animation because it sounds like a royal tune, which made it perfect for when Alexander was crowned king because it helps show that Alexander was not only ready for the taking the thrown but he had big plans for it and they were extremely passionate. The downside is that because of the way the actual sound of the audio clip is set up makes the editing or shortening of the clip is hard to do but I will find a way.

Knife and Stab:

Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

I chose this as one of the definite sounds for the assassination clip because it sounds like a proper weapon is been drawn, the only down fall with this clip is that the sound is too high pitched, so it sounds like a extremely small weapon is been drawn and it isn’t very threatening then is it.

Provided by Free GreenScreeners

This is another weapon sound effect that is very similar the previous one but is a lot deeper in pitch which made this perfect for the animation because it makes the weapon sound more like an actual sword, which is needed for the assassination scene.

Provided by Sidney Turner

This was one of the worst sound effects for this animation but since the other stabbing sounds where more for horror and that would have been more inappropriate for this animation due to the target audience, which I have aimed for students because it is a educational animation.


Provided by Royalty Free Music! – by HeatleyBros

I chose this sound track because it seemed to have a museum sort of beat or theme to it and it suits the environment setting of the animation. It is quite cheerful and chippy but also has a historical feel to it as well.

Provided by Toast – Music

This sound effect was chosen becaues the very tune seems to describe the personality of Alexander the great that I have researched for this project. I would have chosen this song but I thought that it might not have been the most appropriate since it is a factual animation.


Provided by copyrighy free sound-effect

This sound effect was just what I was looking for the opening of the animation, the only down fall is that I need to edit it so that it fits into the section of the animation that it is needed in.

Provided by LDj _Audio