Narrative Structure Fictional Animation Final Idea

Here are the final design ideas for the Ass and his Driver:


These are my project aims:

The aim for this animation project is to develop a Fictional Animation that successfully shows the chosen Aesop’s Fable, clearly and effectively to the target audience. This is to make sure that the tale and the lesson that is within, is easy to identify and understand. The Animation will also utilize correct, effective and suitable sound effects for this animation, that do not offend the audience and are either my own or are Royalty Free in Nature.

I have chosen two for my final design in the image above either, the top middle design with the tick by his head or the bottom left design. I chose the top middle as one of my final designs due to the fact that while his head is badly sized he looks well traveled but at the same time he looks experienced and quite wealthy. Which in most media indicates that they are a quite successful merchant, which will not only help indicate that the Ass is indeed owned by a merchant but is also helps the narrative explain why they are traveling where they are. I personally prefer the bottom left design because it screams not only merchant but it also looks very appealing to the eye and several other agree with me that I have asked.


The Ass’s design was chosen because it gives the narrative not only a sense of mystery with the materials underneath the tarp on the Donkey’s back but also helps make you realize effectively and immediately that they are a pair of traveling merchants and the target audience can realize this automatically.

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