Narrative Structure Fictional Animation Design Ideas

Here are the design idea’s for my fictional animation based on the Aesop Fable, The Ass and his Driver:




The aims for this project are:

The aim for this animation project is to develop a Fictional Animation that successfully shows the chosen Aesop’s Fable, clearly and effectively to the target audience. This is to make sure that the tale and the lesson that is within, is easy to identify and understand. The Animation will also utilize correct, effective and suitable sound effects for this animation, that do not offend the audience and are either my own or are Royalty Free in Nature.

As you can see my first few designs are for the actual environments within this story. Since the story is said to be set on a mountain range, I thought that it would be most suitable for the actual environment as you can see in these few images:


These images show that often in the story the scene is often set or focuses solely on the mountain range or a cliff and nothing actually below the actual mountain or what is nearby. So I thought it might be a bit interesting to actually show that there is a town or village nearby that the merchant is actually trying to get to. So that my actual animated story stood out compared to the original one written by Aesop or any of the other adaptations.


As you can see I tried both ideas with these designs believing that it might be interesting to see how either added to the actual story. For example the actual empty environment just involving mountain ranges had a interesting effect, they made the actual area feel lifeless and in turn this gave the feel to the scene. That is the reason why the Ass wanted to get to his Driver’s stall quickly because it feels unnerving to be in such as bland but quiet environment. This helped tick my first aim straightaway because it helped effectively show why the Ass wanted to get away from where he was and helps move the story along, while the scenes that had cities or towns in them both felt right and wrong compared to the empty mountain ranges in the other concept art pieces. For example the one with an actual side of the village and Donkey and his master on the top of the mountain, while this felt warm and inviting with the village, the segregation of the Donkey and his master made it feel like they were unimportant to the actual story.

Next I went to work on the donkey, unfortunately I discovered that I could not draw horses or Donkeys for this project, So I found various guides and images for help in this.


I used these images to help me create my Donkey and my Horse for both of My Narrative Projects:

As you can see the lesson helped greatly and now I can draw the a Donkey without it looking awfully animated and looks somewhat realistic in appearance. The largest image is in fact me trying to replicate the actual drawing. As you can see I did a lot better than before but I did this image by looking at the guide above, so I felt like I was cheating in someway. So I decided to memories the shape of a Horse/Donkey and most of these sketches are indeed done from my head. Most of the actual drawings done from my memory are very impressive in appearance since they have a successful shape but there are tones of negatives. I hope to fix these either in my development or in the near future such as the head of my donkey and the movement of the legs. The little movement they have in the concept sketches are extremely stiff, some of the drawings were so bad in my opinion such as the bottom to second left image that I started to add carrots to the mouths of the donkeys so that I could make sure they resembled some form of Donkey. In the future if I do carry these designs onto development I will work on not only the head of the donkey to me personally they look a bit bare in appearance (Due to me trying to get use to their shape and appearance.) but also working on the actual donkey motion in the animation. So I will need to add something to them maybe the Donkey Carrying his owners products or equipment to make the narrative stronger in this animation, since the tale states that they are trying to get to the driver’s stall this will also help keep the project focused on my aims since I stated I needed to make this animation to be shown effectively to the target audience.

The next section of sketches was me trying to come up with an appearance for the driver even if he is very briefly shown in the tale he is still important to it:


As you can see I used images of ancient Greek merchants to help influence my design:


These designs were inspired by the images above as well as my own knowledge of this era. Most of my designs involved a checkered or expensive silk garb since merchants were known to be quite wealthy during this period due to them exploring what was known of the globe at the time and selling things taken from one country to another. Although most of the designs started to modernize ever so slightly such as the bottom one on the final concept copy. I did this subconsciously and I didn’t notice until one of my family members pointed it out and the design seemed to stick ever since, so I decided to develop this idea further since it was an interesting concept. I knew when I started this project that I couldn’t miss the merchant/driver even if he isn’t seen until the Ass tries jumping, so I needed to at least put some thought into the actual character. If I hadn’t I would have failed the aims I set my self since I need to display the tale effectively to the target audience.

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