Narrative Factual Development/Final Ideas:

Here are the Development/Final Idea for this project:

The Aims for this Project:

The aim of this animation is to produce a Animated Biopic based on the Ancient Greek Conqueror and King, Alexander the Great. The Animation will be 30 to 45 seconds long and not a second over. The animation will tell a part of Alexander’s life effectively and utilize sound effects that are suitable for the chosen content, this will help tell his story and make sure that the target audience is not offended. The Animation will aim for a target audience of school children since Alexander is a Historical figure and is consider an important part of our history.

As you can see I went back to the clouds and lightning symbols for Zeus because I felt like they needed a bit more development for this project, since they didn’t exactly look like proper storm clouds. So again I went for the basic idea of having a standard cloud with some lightning coming out of it. While the idea is very simplistic it does get the point across about him been Zeus’s son and since Zeus is the Greek God of the Sky and Lightning this was the perfect choice for this matter. The lightning looked a lot better than the previous design thankfully, but there are still some kinks that need ironing out from it before it reaches the final stage. I could improve this by making the lightning a bit longer and more defined than before as right now this image is short and quite fat in appearance.

The next couple of designs I tried both had black clouds and more lightning to make the clouds look more sinister, which in some sense worked because Zeus was known for getting quite angry and this would cause thunder and lightning. Although this probably wasn’t the best idea due to the fact that the dark clouds don’t exactly give an accurate representation of the Greek god of the sky so, it might not be the best idea for this animated logo.

Next I attempted to add static to the actual clouds to make it seem more realistic with the clouds producing thunder. The first design seemed to work really well with the static, but the other two seem to me scribbles on the clouds regrettably and the lightning looks to thick. So I went back to how I did the static from before and decided that a single but longer lightning bolt might be a better idea for several reasons. The first been that it shows the power Zeus actually possess due to not only the static but the length and width of the lightning bolt, which helps show that his power can not only make the bolt go further but can contain a lot of raw power. This lightning bolt also shows effectively in the narrative that the bolt or Zeus did have the power to reach Olympia so that Alexander could be born. The down fall with this Zeus symbol was that it was rather boring in appearance because it is a single lightning bolt with a bit of static coming of it. I might use this animation logo as a back up in case my other idea I have chosen as the final design doesn’t work in the animation. This is because it is one of the better designs out of the rest both in simplicity and design.


These are the final logos for the animation. I chose this throne sketch because I believe that while it is fairly simple in design it still shows that the character Alexander is now a king/ruler which is what I was aiming for.Since most of the Macedonia Architecture is ancient Greek in appearance this seemed to fit in quite well, although it may not have the design of the pillars that the Greeks are famous for the throne still gets the point across quite well. The dagger design was chosen because it is small and easy to conceal, making it perfect to represent the assassination of Philip of Macedonia within this factual animation because the blade literally screams assassination weapon. What also made this weapon a good choice was that it had a strong form of narrative because it takes influence from both Greek and Persian weaponry, which where the countries Alexander and Philip were known for been at war with constantly. This again refers to my original aims within this project as I am taking into consideration how effectively the symbols are connecting to Alexander’s story.Next time I make a weapon in a sketch I will need to be a bit more careful with the handle angle because it doesn’t seem to work that well, so next time I will fix this. The thunder cloud while basic in design still does get the point of him been related or at least Zeus having something to do with Alexander, but I feel that this may be rather basic in design, if push comes to shove with this design during the animation I will use a different one maybe the long static bolt. Although next time I need lightning in a animation I will need to work on that a bit because it still doesn’t look like proper lightning but it does look like cartoon lightning which I don’t always need.



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