Narrative Factual Design Ideas 2

Here is the next set of design ideas for my Alexander the great project. First I have decided to change my plans instead of my project been a full scale animation of Alexander walking about acting the moments I want to tell. I have decided that the best solution for this factual animation is to find or create a bust of Alexander and animate it so that it’s like he has come life again and wants to tell the audience about his life. I can do this by also using small animated symbols to show key events within Alexander’s life that I have deemed important. This section will focus on the symbols for this animation since I have technically got a bust design from my previous designs all ready.

My Aims are:

The aim of this animation is to produce a Animated Biopic based on the Ancient Greek Conqueror and King, Alexander the Great. The Animation will be 30 to 45 seconds long and not a second over. The animation will tell a part of Alexander’s life effectively and utilize sound effects that are suitable for the chosen content, this will help tell his story and make sure that the target audience is not offended. The Animation will aim for a target audience of school children since Alexander is a Historical figure and is consider an important part of our history.

As you can see I have gone through various symbols that I might be able to animate for when the bust of Alexander the great tells his tale. The first top three are basically symbols that focus on the fable of Alexander actually been the son of the Zeus according to legend (While this may be an actual legend, Alexander himself is to have encouraged these tales often wearing symbols or clothes that link him to this tale so it is kind of factual since he himself used this.) The sketches in the largest image are not the best example of lightning (which is Zeus’s symbol of power), they still capture the narrative of this part of the tale but barley due to the bad design which makes it harder for the target audience to understand. The lightning bolt was the same bolt of lightning that zapped Olympia (Alexander’s Mother) on the night of her wedding leading to her been pregnant with Alexander. Since the first few lightning sketches went badly especially the one at the bottom left of the image, I knew that I needed to fix this. So I tried again with the next two images of the storm clouds which went a lot better than before. This can be seen with the images of Zeus holding his master bolt or the few stray bolts of lightning in the sketches above. The designs also stay within my target/aim of effectively bringing the story to life through just showing Zeus’s presence with this symbol. I have considered using Zeus’s Master Bolt because it helps show that Zeus was involved with Alexander the Great.

The next images are designs and developments of the actual horse of Alexander. There aren’t many designs for this horse the reason is that it is often shown within the old mosaics in a dark colour. So I had the colour choice already for this animation, but I was terrible at drawing horses and other animals so I experiment with Donkey’s and Horses for both my fiction and non fiction animation. As you can see I have successfully captured the shape of the horses in each one of these sketches. I think that the only down fall with these sketches is that the head of the horses are terribly out of proportion, making the horses head either look too big, small or just not like a horses head in some cases. Personally my favorite horse development idea is the one with the sketches of thrones and weapons because it captures the actual appearance of a horse as well as Alexanders. This again effectively shows part of Alexander’s tale to the target audience but we will not truly know the final result until I finish the animation.

The actual horse was chosen for the animation to show that it was an important part in Alexander’s life. This was when he given his horse by his father after he tamed it, (Involving a dodgy merchant trying to sell it to his father Philip) and later on that very same horse went with him, when he traveled to India.

The next images contain sketches that focus on the the fact that Alexander’s father was assassinated and that Alexander eventually took the throne. A majority of the weapon choices came out really well and were inspired from games such as Assassin’s creed and other medieval weaponry.

The swords and daggers I think were one of the more successfully animated ideas that I came up with for this project. When I drew them they seemed to come to life and look like proper weapons, yes a few which were more of my experimental ones didn’t look the part unfortunately, but none the less I still felt happy that some of my ideas came out alright. Originally I was going to use the Assassin’s creed logo for the assassination animation but I felt that it wasn’t suitable for the factual animation. I decided against this idea because if I had it wouldn’t have followed my original aims, therefore would be inappropriate for this animation, as I am aiming to make it as realistic as possible since it is a educational animation. So I chose to go with daggers and sword which suits this part of the animation’s narrative perfectly.



As you can see some of these weapons were indeed heavily inspired by both real life weaponry and from the Assassin’s creed franchise. A Majority of the weapons I drew do look like true weapons and have the same feel to them as well as proper weapons used for assassinations, since most of them are very small and easy to conceal. There were a few weapons that didn’t come out looking like true weapons such as the blade with gaps within it and in our world the blade would most likely break from a strong impact and doesn’t even look very appealing to the naked eye.

The taking over the throne part was the worst out of all my design ideas unfortunately because I went through several different design trying to capture this part of the narrative. After going through several awkward designs such as the royal scepters with spikes and uneven edges that looked like an eye sore,  I did eventually come up with a suitable throne which screamed royalty as well as suitability.



While most of the scepters did have a awkward design, there were one that did work, which was the one closest to the left in the image with my sketches above. It took some time but I based the design on the green scepter in the image above or at least it was influenced by it, because while it is basic in design it still allows it to be used effectively and it won’t harm the user. So my design followed this concept and had a fairly basic idea that still looked somewhat pleasant to the eye and still had a practical use.

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