Narrative Factual Design Ideas 1

This post is to show the design ideas that I have developed for the factual animation. I first started with Alexander himself, since the animation was going to be about him it made sense to start my project with him. Below are some images to help me try to understand and successfully recreate a close enough image of Alexander the Great from various collected images of him:



The Aims for this project:

The aim of this animation is to produce a Animated Biopic based on the Ancient Greek Conqueror and King, Alexander the Great. The Animation will be 30 to 45 seconds long and not a second over. The animation will tell a part of Alexander’s life effectively and utilize sound effects that are suitable for the chosen content, this will help tell his story and make sure that the target audience is not offended. The Animation will aim for a target audience of school children since Alexander is a Historical figure and is consider an important part of our history.

As you can see I had tried various methods for Alexander face alone. In most of these drawings I focused on Alexander the greats hair, because according to the images I have collected, he either had messy hair or curly hair. Since I am no good at drawing hair more so then the actually drawing of human anatomy (although there has been slight improvements with in the human face), I decided to work on hair before anything else. So a majority of my design ideas for Alexander the great’s character for the factual animation focused on the actual hair of this famous conqueror. At first a couple of the designs came out looking awful since I had no clue how to draw hair successfully. A majority of my early design ideas looked like Alexander is actually wearing a weird version of a cycling helmet of some sort. So personally while I knew i couldn’t draw hair successfully the first time, I was still slightly disappointed that I couldn’t get the hair prototypes that I had drawn to look anything like actual hair. I knew that I needed to fix this if I wanted to make this animation look at least somewhat professional and not childish, so that I could make the representation of Alexander more realistic to fulfill one of my aims. So I worked on it in the later design ideas and the designs of the hair started to look more and more like real hair, which was quite satisfying because I am starting to finally make some progress. Which in turn the story telling would be much more effective and appealing to the target audience.

IMG_20160726_0004 Compared to the actual recreation image of Alexander the great, my actual sketches do represent Alexander’s hair quite well but the hair design does actually need tweaking because it is not curly enough. So next time I will need to make the hair more curly by drawing the actual hair lines in more curved position so that from a distance a group of these hairlines will make the hairy look a lot more curlier to the audience.

The only problem with these drawings is that the rest of the features on the design ideas for Alexander are strongly mis-proportioned especially with the nose, most likely because I was focusing on the hair more than anything. My sketches compared to the image above are badly done, if you look at the bottom image on the page above, you can see that the nose for that one is massive and looks nothing like a nose, more like a giant spot or wart. While in the sketch above the nose looks more like a thin stick connected onto his face.

So I will most definitely be working on my noses to make sure that for this project and the  foreseeable future that they will improve and suit the character as I see fit. The eyes in these sketches work out a lot better since they have the form and shape of actual eyes. This makes me feel a bit better about the eyes, unfortunately the down fall with these is that they are way to big for the head of Alexander. Especially the very bottom drawing in the image above because of how the nose turned out it makes him look absolutely awful and extremely unattractive to the target audience. The top drawing on the other hand looked alright with the eyes, if anything they need to be shrunk down ever so slightly because they were just a bit too big.










As you can since the last group of sketches that I used both my hair and facial features have improved somewhat. The hair looks more curly which is one of the main focuses with this animated project. While it is still fairly good, it still needs work, again I need to be careful when I do attempt the curls because they either look like a bunch of scribbles or someone has just got incredibly annoyed and frustrated and taken it out on the paper. The eyes on the other hand have drastically changed, they are indeed looking better than before mainly thinner in width more than length. The only problem with some of the eyes is that I either forgot to include the eye brows or that the shapes didn’t always look correct, so the facial expression of the character looked weird. Compared to the above image of Alexander the Great in a mosaic, I can say the hair looks decent enough to represent the great conqueror of Greece. The eyes however still need a bit of work for this project, something just doesn’t feel right about them maybe I need to go back to the drawing board and practice them more. If I find the design weird or at least uncomfortable then this might be a cause for concern with the target audience, so i most definitely will need to go back to the designing of them.


The next two images from my sketching pad, were more focused on the actual clothing of Alexander. I only did this very briefly and I based the designs on Greek armour from this time period. This was to add to the realism of the animation and to keep in focus with the chosen narrative. While the sketched version of the armour is very rugged and roughly done it still shows some great possibilities in the future, if i decide to draw armored characters.








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