Narrative Structure Resit – Biopic Brief

I am to research and produce or at least initiate a short animatic/animation with sound and animation that is at least 30/45 seconds long. I have chosen to do the Biopic on a Conqueror. Unfortunately there is a wide list of conquerors throughout the history of mankind. I have to be very careful about some of the earlier recorded Conquerors because many of their tales either good or bad, on or off the battle field may in fact, be over-exaggerations or complete lies to make them look good to others.

List of Possible Conqueror Factual Animation Candidates:

  • William the Conqueror – I know an obvious choice is this department, he literally has Conqueror in his name and he is one of the most well known. But can you really beat a classic like him in terms of Conqueror. He literally forced England in 1066 to become a part of France and forced everyone there to speak french (Including the working class). But even though he was a Conqueror he was a great leader for England (all it took was the killing of Harold to do so). The Narrative, this guy could produce in a Factual Animation might be worth looking into more depth. Since he has such a….. colourful history and this might make the animation more appealing. On the other hand while he maybe a very interesting person to base a factual animation on, he has been used quite a bit in various forms of media so he might not be one of the best choices for this project.


Wikipedia – William The Conqueror

BBC – How did William the Bastard become William the Conqueror

English – William the Conqueror

Horrible Histories – Stormin’ Normans

William the Conqueror, Image Provided by


  • Adolf Hitler –  One of the World’s most recent Conquerors in the past few Centuries and the one of the few responsible for the Nazi Party. While he is considered a Conqueror due to the fact that he technically Conquered all of Europe under the Nazis during and before World War 2. Adolf isn’t the best example of a Conqueror for a factual animated short because many are still quite sensitive about what he did with his Nazi’s during the last Century, so I will most likely not be doing this Conqueror.


Wikipedia – Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler: Man and Monster – Adolf Hitler

Horrible Histories – Woeful Second World War

Adolf Hitler, Image Provided by


  • Attila the Hun – Known as one of the World’s Greatest and feared Conquerors this is due to the shear brutality and cunning that he wielded during his reign of the Hunnic empire during 434 – 453 AD. He is most famously known for constantly attacking the Roman’s during his reign, regardless of his list of failure against the Persians and was feared across all of the Roman Empire and the West. I think Attila might be a very interesting fellow to look into, because while he had a large list of failures in his life time, he also had a wide range of victories. This is makes him more interesting, because unlike most Conquerors the tales you hear about him are often more accurate (Yes their maybe a few tales that don’t make sense or are unbelievable but that’s how history works). So his life story makes him appear more human compared to some (Well more human than some.) The down fall of this again is that he has been shown in many forms of media so while there might be a lot of information about him, he may already have been animated several times.


Wikipedia – Attila the Hun – Attila the Hun – Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun, Images provided by


I have chosen Alexander the Great as my Biopic choice, he is one of the most famous Conquerors in the history of the world. This is due to the fact that he conquered Greece by the age of twenty two and had a large fraction of the world under his rule before his death at the age of thirty three. There should be a lot of information on the world famous historical conqueror that I can use to produce this Biopic for my Factual Animation. The narrative as well for this Conqueror should also be very interesting to plan out and arrange. Because of the time limit I have for the animation and the amount of history this character has as a historical figure, I will have to narrow down the information available but this will be a fun challenge. I do admit that my own personal interest in this has grown as I have always enjoyed history and the late years of BC in Europe.

Choice: Conqueror

Name of Conqueror: Alexander the Great

Image from Pinterest and Actor Version of Alexander the Great Belongs to BBC’s Horrible Histories.

The aim of this animation is to produce a Animated Biopic based on the Ancient Greek Conqueror and King, Alexander the Great. The Animation will be 30 to 45 seconds long and not a second over. The animation will tell a part of Alexander’s life effectively and utilize sound effects that are suitable for the chosen content, this will help tell his story and make sure that the target audience is not offended. The Animation will aim for a target audience of school children since Alexander is a Historical figure and is consider an important part of our history.


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