Narrative Structure Resit – Research 2

Fictional Animation Research:

I chose this animation because it is a perfect example of a fictional story been told through animation. The reason for this is that the creators have taken the idea of dust bunnies and remade them into dust buddies, hence the title. From there the creators have then told a tale of these two dust buddies breaking the convention by making them the heroes and the maid who is trying to keep the house they live in clean a villain. The narrative effectively in this animation is a small and unlikely character who becomes the epic and brave hero that saves the day. The hero is more then an unlikely character he is a dust bunny something a person wouldn’t really consider as a hero due to the fact that dust bunnies are often seen as, well a mess that needs to be cleaned up when the room has got too dusty or messy. The overall Narrative of this Animation is fun and captivating to the audience and in some instances quite funny. The movements of the characters especially help the Narrative, for example when the hero rescues his friends from the hoover he has to literally put them back together due to the fact that are made of dust and other materials, which in a sense was a unique form of acting that helped bring the narrative together. The Animation was produced by The CGBros. I think the only down fall of this animated short was that while the story was well told there were moments when the sound quality would suddenly drop so that you couldn’t here the reactions to certain events e.g. when the dust buddies tied up the maids legs with the hoovers wire and fell. The maid made a very quite umpf that would actually be a lot louder and the thud that occurred once the maid hit the floor was too loud. Another thing that I could say that let the animation down ever so slightly was the actual fact that it used one of the most common cliches within a hero or quest story line. Which is that the reason for the hero becoming a hero is to rescue his friends or family that have been captured either recently or in a previous scene, which in return it gives the character the strength to continue on and save the day.

I chose this animation because the Narrative is something completely unique in it’s self due to the fact that actual characters are houses. The main character been a run down and old house, while his companions is a fairly modern house and a literal dog house, which represents it’s self as their pet dog. The entire narrative is while common with regular characters or a action based story is completely unique to these characters due to them been house. The narrative is them traveling across the land just because they can. Although it is later revealed that the reason for the elderly house traveling is that one he doesn’t want to remain in that abandoned street for the remaining days of his life and he wants to visit his old work place which was indicated right in the middle of the animation with his flash back at a car production factory. Which makes not only the narrative unique but also the character because they have stated that a house built a car, personally while this is unique I think that is a bit of a paradox in it’s self. Anyway these two houses and dog house travel across the country experiencing new things and each one testing their resolve such as the younger house abandoning the elderly house once his cane breaks, only to return with a new cane that is nicked from another houses banister because the younger one felt guilty. What also makes this narrative interesting is even though they used a typical cliche, it built up that much emotion with both the audience and the characters that it’s ending was that perfect and makes you realize why the elderly house left his old street when he did. The cliche was that the group reach a beautiful point to stop for the day on a cliff face with a beautiful view and stayed up for a bit interacting before falling asleep, only for the younger house to wake up and realize that it’s elder had passed in it’s sleep and realize that why the elder house insisted on staying here that night. This is beautifully done with the narrative to make you realize at the end why the house left all along and makes you feel sorry and happy for both houses due to the fact that they saw all these amazing things but at the same time sad that a loved character had passed and left the other character alone. This animation won an award for this and was produced again by The CGBros.

I chose this animation because the narrative is divided into two segments, the first segment been slow paced but it shows a character who apparently has been through a lot. The narrative for this indicates two things, the first been the man that you see is a father figure of sort to the main character and has either lost him in some sort of tragic event or they had a falling out. Other things that make the character look like he has been through a lot is that it is indicated he was in a war of some sorts because he constantly refers to his old team mates with the photos on his computer screen and his AI mentioning several them several times. This is done to mainly make the target audience connect with the character more effectively. This is done so that it isn’t as hard to connect or even relate to a ape, but with his interactions with his memories and AI make him appear more and more human as the animation goes on. The second section of the narrative again shows how human like this Ape character is. It is done a lot differently to the previous part of the animation, by the way the character who is now called Winston is fighting against the intruders in his lab, at first the way he fights against the intruders is very ape like grabbing them with his feet, swinging of roof tops and showing his fangs off at his opponents. Once he has another flash back after been knocked unconscious by the leader of the intruders, he starts to fight more humanly and uses his own experiments to hold of the intruders and beat there boss. The narrative is done this way to show both sides of Winston as a human and a Ape to show that he can be both as well as making him relate-able to the target audience. The narrative is also used to both announce the return of the Overwatch, the group that Winston use to work for and then a call from one of his previous team mates happens leading to the main character getting misty eyed. The other thing that this animated short was used for was to announce the upcoming game called Overwatch which this animated short is based on for Xbox One, so it is a Microsoft Production as well as Blizzards.

I chose this animation because the narrative of the story is absolutely beautiful, the story is set in the early 1900’s Japan and shows the growing number of people visiting from other countries for their holidays. The Narrative is set around a young girl who is either visiting Japan with her family and friends or just her friends, who are complaining about the food stating that they where dying for a bit of rump steak not Susie which they pronounce incorrectly. The way this is done is very interesting because they have used the Narrative to show that straight away that the land is Japanese in nature with the style of animation that is chosen (Which is based on the Ancient Japanese Art Styles), and that the people visiting are British not only by the way the talk to each other but by the general way they dress which has a very early 1900’s British feel to it. The girl then notices the ocean which she then wanders of to see. Only to be amazed by what she finds, which is an entire group of Japanese women fishing for Oysters and the way they are actually collecting them, she becomes so caught up with it that she herself starts to take part in the fishing for the Oysters and begins to learn more about the Japanese Culture. Later at the end of the Animation her friends find her and are disgusted by the way she is dressed and the way she acted around the locals, while the locals just smile and wave at the young girl. The main focus of the Narrative for this Animation from what I have seen is that it wanted to show the beauty of the Japanese and their culture, which was done really well and effectively but this was more of a fictional animation than a factual even though various factors within the animation pointed it to been a factual animation e.g. the date and location were given specifically.

The final animation I chose was this:

This final animation that I have chosen for research is another gobelins production. It is about a minute long and the Narrative is quite hard to understand at first, but once the end of it has been reached it is quite easy to understand for the target audience. The Narrative of this story is that the man that is seen at the beginning of the animated short is the boss of the character called EVE but he is very strict making poor EVE feel like she is entrapped within this job (Hence the Spider-Webs) and soon because of a mistake she starts to feel overwhelmed by her work as well entrapped by it. Eventually the stress becomes so bad that she wants to break free (Which is why she is shown to turn into a bird that shares the same name sake as her.) The Animation is quite interesting and the Narrative is well thought out as well as been quite unique, but I feel like it was too short and could have been worked on a bit more.


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