Narrative Structure Resit – Research 1

Examples of Factual Based Animations:

While this is a very short animation it is more Factual based than, Non-Factual due to the fact that the animation actually gives factual data about the toothpaste that it is advertising. The data that it gives is very brief, but does contain what is now general knowledge about most toothpastes. Back then it wasn’t exactly well known. The information states that the red part of the toothpaste is designed to help protect the gums of the user. The white stripe is designed to fight the decaying of teeth, whilst the blue is to give the user a fresh breath. This is the reason why the animation is classed as factual because it focuses solely on the health of ones teeth and the selling of this product. The Narrative within this animation is easy to see straight away because it uses bright colours and musical rhythms to get the point of the animation across to the target audience. The point being; the protection of teeth and the buying of the manufactures toothpaste in order to prevent permanent damage being done to them.

The next animation is completely factual, where the entire animation focuses and consists of facts more than the entertainment value.

I chose this because it is an excellent example of a factual animation, due to the fact that it displays, announces constant data and information about what the animation is showing. In this case it focuses on the scientific information of the Earth. By using the animation to display the Earth and it’s Moon via a futuristic archive, it presents the known data for Earth in a very effective but apparent scientific means. The animation is about ten minuets long and mainly focuses on presenting the data via a voice over and words. The animation while only showing the Solar System with a rotating Earth and Moon, also helps make the information (that is stated or shown) easier to understand. While the actual animation focuses solely on the rotations for the entire product it still helps show what the animator or client wanted the target audience to see. The motions used were very basic. The main reason for this (as one of my research choices) was because it showed the data and factual side of the animation effectively within the Narrative. The Narrative like I stated previously within this animation focuses solely on presenting the data to the target audience with images of the earth and the surrounding planets in order to gets the point across more strongly.

The next animation is another brief factual one about road safety that was produced in Britain.

I chose this short factual animation because while it is very brief in actual information. The focus of this non-Fiction Animation is to show children the consequences of what can happen if they aren’t careful and don’t pay attention to roads when they want to cross them or walk near them. The animation does this very effectively by opening up with a child who has his arm in a cast. This is done to get the attention of the target audience, which are young children. The animation then shows how the incident occurred, that caused the broken arm, with a rhyme that is easy for the target audience to understand with the animation presented. This is done so that young children learn to cross at the correct locations as well as when to cross without causing serious harm to themselves. The use of both the animation style and the voice actor shows not only how painful the incident was for the child (The size of the eyes of the actual character and the amount of reflect the eyes show within this scene) and how he regrets not following the proper steps for crossing the road.

The next animation is a scientific class animation based on nuclear fusion.

As you can see this animation has no voice acting what so ever, the reason for this is that the main focus of the animation is to show the chemical reactions and recipes of nuclear fusion for a university course. The way this is done is very effective, for example instead of constantly trying to pay attention to a voice that can either successfully or not pronounce the actual names of the chemical reactions and their by-products, a large font is used to show the information. This is probably one of the best means to show this. The actual animation focuses on the reactions and the products used for the process to create nuclear fusion, e.g. the different elements are highlighted in different colours and other elements such as Gamma are shown as waves. This is an effective means of showing how the different elements react to each other, this will help the class understand how many atoms, protons and neutrons are in the actual elements. So effectively this animation has a strong Narrative that is based solely on fonts and images in order to tell the story that the animators wanted to relay to the target audience. Personally I find this quite effective but at the same time not so, due to the fact that without the voice acting and just pure font written in what is considered a universal language (The Periodic Table) works very well. This is because it isn’t hard to understand, but at the same time this animation may not be easy for those who have trouble just watching videos or animations to learn, as they may prefer to do the work theoretically.

The next Animation was chosen because it is quite interesting:

The Animation is from an Old British PSA called Charley Says, The Narrative of this Animated Short was based on Child Safety and involved a young boy called Toby and his cat called Charley. Charley would act as the young boy’s conscious, which helped save Toby from either getting into trouble or seriously hurt. The Narrative for this Animated PSA was that Toby’s friends wanted him to join them on a picnic. Toby is about to go without telling his mum but Charley stops him and reminds him to tell her. It takes his mum a while as she is speaking to a visitor and by the time Toby gets back to his friends, they had gone of without him. As a reward for not wandering off and telling her that he was going out with his friends Toby and Charley are taken by his mum for a picnic. The Narrative of this is straight away easy to understand because it is a warning to children what to do if your friends ask you to go out to play. It is a very effective means of doing this due to the fact animation gets across to children easily.


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