Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research 6 Sound

This section of my research will focus of the music and sound tracks that are used in visual media and how this influences the Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context:


Halo is one of the biggest game franchises in the gaming world and is considered one of the pioneers in futuristic shooters. What also makes the game extremely popular is effective use of the sound track throughout the game and it’s levels, like so:

While this song has a slow opening to it, it actually reveals quite a lot about the game it’s self for example the game also has a standard shooter/war feel to it at the beginning which is why the song has quite a slow feel to it but once the player delves deeper into the game the songs pace picks up. Once the song reaches it’s own dramatic point in the middle so does the game where it reveals that the entire planet they where one is a home/prison to a dead parasite which then leads to a dramatic escape from it in order to survive. What makes this interesting as a dramatic impetus and emotive context moment is that not only does the song describe the entire story to the player without them realizing but it is also used on the last level to build up the stress and excitement as well as how important it is to survive this level.


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