Acting and Audience: Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research 2

Here is the next section of my Dramatic Impetus and Emotive Context Research:

The Cobbler:

The Cobbler is a Adam Sandler film that is based on the old business of Cobblers, Sandler plays a Cobbler who’s family has been blessed with a magical sole repair machine but doesn’t know until his own model gets damaged. Once he starts to realizes that his families old machine makes the shoes it repairs magical, allowing him to take on the appearance of the original owners, he starts to use them for his own personal gain and eventually to help others. One of the strongest example of dramatic impetus and emotive context in this film is actually when Sandler puts on his customers shoes, they use his red scarf to indicate which person Sandler actually is during the film as you can see within this clip. This is used constantly throughout the film which is handy especially when Sandler gets into fights with certain character who he has repair shoes for. This is used to create humor within the film by using not only Sandler’s curiosity to feel what it’s like it is in another persons shoes but also using humor to between exactly the same character. The film also uses music to indicate dramatic impetus and emotive context, the music reveals not only Sandler’s family with a Jewish theme beat, which reveals his family has a Jewish history but it also has an up beat tune to it revealing Sandler’s mischievous side in the film.

X-Men Apocalypse:

X-Men Apocalypse is the last X-Men First Class Cast film. Why I chose this trailer of the film is because trailers are a excellent example of dramatic impetus and emotive context. The reason behind this is the directors of the film choose which scenes and sound effects in the film are best to draw the attention of the target audience in with when they put the clip together. This clip out of all the trailers for X-Men Apocalypse so far is the best example due to the fact that it shows so much dramatic content from the film but still doesn’t reveal the entire film to audience. For example one of the most dramatic parts in the trailer is near the very end where you have Mystique asking the young X-Men team specifically Cyclops if they are all right and how did they escape. This is quite a dramatic moment due to the fact that the worried expression and well as shock on Mystique’s face shows how much she cares for her friends students and the look of relief on Cyclops’s and the rest of the X-Men’s faces shows they are relieved to see her. The dramatic moment is deepened even more when Cyclops replies that they had a little help and the scene changes to reveal a hand sprouting three blades. Not only does the suspense suddenly build up for Cyclops comment but the sudden appearance of that had suggest one of the most popular X-men in the franchise which is Wolverine, it draws in the target audience and the music during that sequence makes the animation appear even more dramatic.

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