Narrative Structure -Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Prototype Animation V15

Here is the final prototype version of Bubble and Squeak:

As you can see I have fixed all the previous glitches that had occurred, such as Bubble and Squeak not properly moving and the cat’s tail constantly glitching, apart from that not many glitches have occurred.

I have used this project for my Creative Context project, mainly been used for a public appearance where I edited it with sounds to make the actions of characters more realistic. When I showed both version to my tutor she stated that it was a good piece of working animation but it still needed a few tweak such as stretching out the credits because you couldn’t see the names of the people that supplied the sounds and effects for long enough. My tutor also stated that I need to show Squeak’s gets out of his cage and how the cat also got out of it’s box although she said to change it to a box. I stated that after this year is finished I will finish it but because of my dead line I am unable to make these corrections.

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