Narrative Structure – Fiction Animation: Bubble and Squeak Prototype Animation V6

Here is the version 6 prototype Bubble and Squeak Animation:

As you can see this version of the prototype works a lot better then the previous shown version and last for four seconds. I have made the several specified changes that I mentioned in the last post on this blog about the prototypes such as the pet shop stays around much longer due to me increasing the length of time that the cel was used for and there are now other buildings next to the shop making the current environment feel like a actual street with actual buildings and shops. I have also added actual pets with motions to the pet shop like I stated before, they all work successfully and not faults appear to have occurred during this experiment and they can extended with the animate software. I have also started another animated segment for this animation with the door of the pert shop opening revealing the contents inside, there so far appear to be no faults what so ever with the door animation.

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